Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 here I come!!!!

Painted High Five
Some days I keep it simple...
Romaine roll ups. Avo/tomato/olives/peppers

Yum...raw brownie with raspberries

I know that 2008 will prove to be a wonderful year. I am super excited about all that it has to offer. I am battling some personal issues, but they are all making me so much stronger. That is usually what happens when you have to face fears. I don't like it, but it's making me grow in tremendous ways!!

This morning I woke up at 5:08 am with NO alarm. I couldn't believe it. I went downstairs in my home gym and did a great workout. Biceps and back...extra cardio! I hate cardio and I pretty much never do it...I know I know I know. I am going to work on that this week.

In 2008 I have revolutions to live authentically, cry without apology, watch less t.v.(don't watch that much anyway), move my daughter to an even higher raw diet (so hard to do with Autism) and some slightly personal goals that I can't mention here! :-P

If you are ready to walk into your glory as the goddess you were destined to be...join me on this journey towards pure 100% authenticity. Live without abandon, laugh out loud, dance to the beat of your own music. Dream the biggest dreams imaginable and pursue them. I am SO ready for this new year.....

What I'm doing tonite...
Having a few friends over. Kennedy will asleep by about 9:30pm and I am making a HUGE New Orleans cooked/carnivore feast for the guests. I am having Macadamia Cheddar Cheese Ball and Sundried tomato flax crackers from the lovely raw food ebook by Heidi and Justin at Raw Food Right Now. The wonderful organic double chocolate cherry cheesecake from the beautiful Kristen's Raw. I will be drinking fresh apple juice with crushed ice out of my fancy smacy dolphin wine glasses. I am super excited. Off to bring joy into the rest of my day.

What are you DREAMING will happen in 2008??

Sunday, December 30, 2007

If you haven't already...please swing by Give it to me Raw!!! It's a total raw food community myspace kinda thing. I LOVE it. I am on MySpace, but don't really enjoy it. shhhhh. MySpace gets too many people that I don't care to associate with and Give it to me Raw rocks....full of love and full of wonderfully raw people on all parts of the raw journey. Amazing stories and inspiring, uplifting blogs/photos and videos. Check it out!!! Give it to me Raw

Check out my page Jayna' Profile.

I missed my lowerbody workout yesterday due to some crying and not feeling well, but I am better and back on track and today will prove to be a super lowerbody day. I am using my straight BB today and I am soooo excited about it. I am looking to do Deep squats, 200 lunges, calf raises, leg extensions. I have to really rock it out since I missed yesterday.

Quick thoughts on lowfat/highfat raw diets. I have been getting a lot of questions and a lot of judgment (okay stop with the judgment..I'm letting it bounce right off :) I like to do lowER fat raw in the summer when tons of fresh fruits are available and the farmer's market is open here in PA. If I feel myself feeling really bloated or really "lethargic" I ease back on my many nut desserts. But other than that, I love to enjoy my raw food. Gourmet and all. The very lovely Kristen agrees with me! She is super fit and healthy so I totally admire her spirit/body/lifestyle. THAT is what being raw is all about. It's not about following some guru who will tell YOU what to do with your body. YOU know what's best. So my advice is to find someone who you admire...who looks the way you would want to look...who lives the way you want to live and pick the parts that you want to emulate and do it. BECOME IT! LIVE IT!!

Rock this New Year out! I will post tomorrow some of my reVOLUTIONS for 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Thoughts/ Inspiratons

Raw Pecan/Cacao brownies. Find the recipe HERE

This pic is from outside my backdoor balcony

Just a quick note to chat about my upper body workout today which was super arms feel like silly putty, but I LOVE it!

Warm up on treddy 9 mins
Seated shoulder press
Seated bicep curl
One armed lat row
DB row
Tricep dips

I just wanted to leave a note about the blogs that have been inspiring me lately, I know you will love them too.

Kristen's Raw Check out her amazing ebooks!

Rawdorable's blog She has amazing recipes for all your winter childhood cooked favs

Raw Diva Keely I like her smoothie recipes. A great fun site.

Gotta run...Kennedy is finally napping so I am going to grab one too. These morning workouts are exhausting!!!!

In light and love,

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Exercise and Questionnaire

Hey readers! I thought you might like this little questionnaire. I did a killer lowerbody workout last nite at 9 pm. That's right! Nothing is stopping me now. I cranked up the tunes and got busy for 44 minutes. I did....

*75 deep butt squats with 8# bar

*Calf Raises with DBs25'sx20 toes straight 25'sx20 toes

*Lunges with 8# straight bar so as not to

*ABS (mish mosh of all)Bosu, standing twistie ab stuff obliques, laying twisting abs Total = 255

*RDL (all the weights I have for my BB total)52# BB 1x1252# BB 1x1252# BB 1x12

*Leg Extensions Straight 40#x1x10Toes out 40#x1x11Toes in 40#x1x10 could barely do this set...ouchie

*High leg kick holding 20# in standing leg hand1st set 25 each leg2nd set 25 each leg3rd set 25 each leg Total=150

*50 high knees

Hope your day rocks!


1. Favorite home-made nut (non-dairy) milk? Brazil nut mylk....yummy

2. What are the top 3 dishes/recipes you are planning to make? I change this everyday it seems. 1. Rawvolution's nut loaf 2. New kale smoothie 3. Alissa's enchiladas

3. Topping of choice for popcorn? I don't eat popcorn anymore.

4. Most disastrous recipe/meal failure? Avocado miso soup. I don't like soup that much...don't know why I made it

5. Favorite pickled item? Raw pickles.

6. How do you organize your recipes? I have a tiny pink notebook on recycled/organic paper. They are everywhere on the net.

7. Compost, trash, or garbage disposal? I really need to start composting.

8. If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 foods...what would they be? Bananas, spinach, cacao

9. Fondest food memory from your childhood? Watching the women in my family make gumbo.

10. Favorite vegan ice cream? Frozen bananas...whipped with brazil nut mylk, vanilla, pecans and hempseeds

11. Most loved kitchen appliance? Vitamix

12. Spice/herb you would die without? Vanilla ...not really a spice but you get my point. OH cayenne esp in these winter months

13.Recipe (Cook) book you have owned for the longest time? Not sure...I've had cooked ones for a long time, but got Detox Your World early on

14. Favorite flavor of jam/jelly? pureed raspberries

15. Favorite raw (vegan) recipe to serve to an omni friend? guacamole; raw brownies

16. Seitan, tofu, or tempeh? When I ate cooked it was tempeh

17. Favorite meal to make or time of day to make it? I'm a big smoothie person. It's a great way to get nutrients in. I love massive salads too....all day long

18. What is sitting on top of your refrigerator? My husband's sugary cereal junk food garbage.

19. Name 3 items in your freezer without looking. Bananas/ strawberries/ raw brownies

20. What's on your grocery list? A lot of greens, apples, frozen fruits/ bananas

21. Favorite grocery store? Whole Foods, but the nearest one is 1.5 hrs away!

22. Name a recipe you'd love to rawify (veganize), but haven't yet. All the ones I love have already been rawified.

23. Food blog you read the most. Or maybe the top 3? Raw Reform, Rawdorable, RFRN, WLIR, okay I read a ton

24. Favorite vegan candy/chocolate? Cacao balls

25. Most extravagant food item purchased lately? Humungo Agave Necta

26. Veganaise or Nayonaise? Never ate mayo...before vegan or after

27. What is one recipe, ingredient or cooking technique that you've become familiar with in the last year that you can't imagine you ever lived without? Green smoothies!

28. Do you have a food inspiration in your life? Someone who taught you a lot about making a certain dish, or about food prep in general, or someone who taught you how to truly enjoy food? It can be someone you know or a book author, speaker...anything. No one in my real life. Shazzie got me to fall in love with raw food in a very real way. I admire her more than words could show. Angela Stokes helped me to realize that even after being obese, I could "heal" myself with the power of raw food

"We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons"- Jim Rohn

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Cheer/ Sheer Madness/ Time

Chia soaked in brazil nut mylk with bananas/mesquite/goji berries and bananas

c Power me Power cup smoothie! Hempseeds/froz blueberries/2 bananas
There is no greater commodity than time for me right now. I am so busy. I do want to apologize for those who look here for in inspiration. I have been extremely busy. Good news is is that I (of course) am still 100% raw and loving it. I haven't NOT blogged b/c I've changed my life! I am back into my weight training with full force and I feel great. I was really sore for a while, but I am back in action.

I don't want to list the zillion menus, but I can tell you that I have been eating tons of bananas (cheap), flax seeds, nutrient dense powders (hemp protein/green superfoods), heavy nut meals etc. I am not getting nearly enough greens lately, but I went to the store at 7 am this morning (yes in 30 degree weather!) and got all that I need for some yummy romaine roll ups. I've been craving them. It all boils down to the fact that it is the crazy holiday season and I have been taking care of others, getting gifts, making gifts mainly and my food prep went on the backburner. I don't always need or want to eat gourmet raw, but I do enjoy it and I love preparing foods I was really missing out. I woke up this morning with a new attitude though! I put 2 trays of corn chips, 1 tray of corn tortillas, and 2 trays of flax/raisin/walnut/mesquite/maca/honey crackers in the dehydrator. Made some brazil nut mylk (I've been making it a thousand times a week it seems!), and made some yummy grapefruit juice to start my day off clean and fresh.

All of the almonds I've been eating have really taken a toll on my stomach and my digestions! Ouch! i don't feel "optimal" at all. I have had limited funds (duh) and haven't had much time to get out to the store and the nuts are so filling. I wasn't overeating them or eating them in any kind of obsessive way, but it just wasn't healthy to consume them as whole meals. I DID soak and dehydrate some so that I can make fresh almond butter tonite...I'll tell you how it turns out.

Workout wise..I have been doing two upper body, and two lower body days with intervals in between. I have to be honest....I haven't been doing pretty much any of the intervals/cardio training that I should. I just do NOT like cardio. I like to walk outside (in the hot months), dance, ride a bike,..but the treadmill or bike (AHHHHHHHHH!!!) So boring, even with the best music. This week I am hoping to focus more clearly.

For those who are interested an upper body workout consists of ....

*pushups til failure
*two armed lat row 15#
*tricep dips BW
*shoulder press 10#
*bicep curl 15# or 20#
*tricep extensions 10# or 15#
*ab knee ups to failure ..ouchie
*lateral shoulder raise (one arm) 10# or 15#

I can make that as easy or challenging as I want to!!

Okay gotta run, but I do sincerely promise to blog at least 4x a week. For those who have emailed me....again my deepest apologies :) All love

OH YEA... I forgot to mention. Christmas came and went and my food was the same as every big deal again. So this is officially my first holiday season without worrying about my food in anyway!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fit Tip #1 Pushups

I've decided to do a "Fit Tip" every week. I want to talk to you about doing pushups. WOW what a wonderful upper body exercise. I found a great article about them. Here is an excerpt:

"Pushups are a superb upper body exercise that use the body’s own weight to build a sound fitness foundation. They promote strength, balance and stability by developing several key muscles, including the pectoralis major in the chest, the deltoids or shoulder muscles, the scapular muscles and rotator cuff, the triceps located on the back of the upper arm and the upper back muscles. " Read the entire article HERE.

I try to do 20 a day and that doesn't sound like much, it works. If I am training upper body throughout the week...I do my pushups on my upperbody days (normally twice) and I rest for the rest of the week. Hahaha! Muscles need recovery time.

If you want to know how to take your pushups to the next level...invest in pushup bars...check out these inexpensive ones . I personally own these and they allow you to get DEEP into your pecs when doing pushups! Feels like a bench press!

Happy training.....

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Plowing forward.....

I've been enjoying the time inside as winter comes into full swing. I have been asked if the winter makes it too difficult to be 100% raw. Things are made difficult by our outlooks. Haven't you ever had a terrible day? A few days later you can be in the best mood ever and those exact same things could happen to you and it wouldn't be a terrible day then. It's all about perspective. I believe that if we ARM ourselves with positive conditioning I can honestly say that I am NOT at all cravings/thinking about/wishing about super hot or cooked foods. I am enjoying all my new dishes and I've been experimenting a ton in the kitchen.

I have been going out to the library as often as possible....just plugging away at the thesis......arduous, yet rewarding. I am feeling blissful inside....accepting things and walking into change with wide open eyes.

On December 4, 2007 I ate...
16 oz water
smoothie: froz strawberries/brazil nut mylk/water/bananas
2 bananas
smoothie: hempseeds/froz bananas/maca/brazil nut mylk

Oh the Christmas spirit. One of and love. I am so happy that my daughter is "engaged" this year. So into things. I am not doing the Christmas list and OUR Santa doesn't check to see if you've been naughty or nice. He asks if you've been kind and giving. Even then, the judgment doesn't come in terms of the amount of presents that you receive. I will NOT be passing those traditions down. I am starting my own.

On December 5, 2007 I ate...
corn chips 1 avocado
smoothie: brazil nut mikl/soakked chia/pumpkin seeds/maca/fraoz strawberries
walnuts and bnanas
corn chips
12 oz water
hemp/pumpkin seed/raisin tort 1 banana
banana raw ice cream

Ohhhhh so much is changing in my personal life. I can't write about it now...possibly for a long time, but it is challenging me on so many levels. I am proud of how I am responding and being honest with myself about it all. There is so much beauty in truth.

On December 6, 2007 I ate...
8 oz water
raw choc mylk/buckwheat crispie cereal (with 1 banana)
raisin/hempseed/pumpkin sed tort
1 banana rolled in hemp and pumpkin seeds
handful of pecans and 1 banana

On December 7, 2007 I ate....
1 quart kale/lime/apple/cuke juice
tiny bite of banana
buckwheat crispie cereal/choc brazil milk/raisins/banana
1 slice ani phyo's sesame bread with sun dried basil cheese topped with olives
huge piece of Ann Wigmore's banana cream pie

On December 8, 2007 I ate....
cantaloupebuckwheat crispie cereal (raisins/banana)
sheet of banana leather sheet of homemade apple prune leather
corn chips with guacamole
16 oz water
Banana cream pie
pizza with brazil cheese and green olives
peppermint tea
banana leather
apple prune leather
cup of brazilian tea
(way too late)...piece of banana cream pie and extra pecans on top

On December 9, 2007 I ate...
12 oz grapefruit juice
buckwheat crispie cereal with banana milk...ohhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
corn chips
smoothie: froz straw/ banana/brazil nut mylk/water/agave
pizza with brazil nut cheese and olives

On December 10, 2007
banana leather
smoothie: froz straw/banana/hempseeds/brazil nut mylk
HUGE bowl banana raw ice cream with pecans (so much like butter pecan ice cream)
smoothie: froz straw/1 banana/brazil nut mylk/hempseeds
buckwheat cereal:raisins/pecans/banana mylk
Fruit salad (honeydew/cant/grapes/straw)
buckwheat crispie cereal..raisins/banana

I know it's been a long time since I've posted, but I am doing my best. I will try harder though I promise. I'm off to have a blissfully cold day with Kennedy....we are pretending we are Santa and his reindeer!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


My raw superfood bagels and cream cheese

Whoooaaaa it's cold here on the East Coast and windy too!! I am enjoying the raw process and enjoying exploring how to stay warm while raw in the freezing cold. Okay note: do NOT drink a smoothie and then go out in 30 degree weather. I learned this the hard way. I know it seems like common sense, but hey..... :)

Now's a time for dehydrating and ensuring that I get all of my nutritional needs met. I put some yummy smelling corn tortillas in there. I will enjoy them with raw crunch tacos tomorrow night.

Menu from December 2nd, 2007...
fruit salad
16 oz water
huge chunk banana bread
smoothie: froz strawberry froz blueberry banana/brazil nut mylk, maca
few olives
chia seeds soaked in brazil nut mylk/soaked pumpkin seeds/1 apple cut in chunks/lucuma powder
salad: red leaf/avocado/herbamare/lime/tomato
few olives
16 oz water

I've been working on my thesis and trying my best to make the most out of my days. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and I've been "wobbling" off the ecstatic o'meter lately. Time to slow down.....go within and regroup.

Chia soaked in brazil nut mylk with goji berries/bananas/maca

On December 3, 2007 I ate...
blueberry sprout muffins and 1 banana\
4 bananas with walnuts on top
smoothie: brazil nut mylk/froz straw banana
2 huge bowls of chia soaked in nut mylk with 4 apples chopped in
16 oz water
kale/apple/lemon smoothie. I like to "chew" it a little ;-)

On December 4, 2007 I ate...
16oz water
1 apple
smoothie: froz straw/banana/nut milk/water
2 bananas
smoothie: banana/nut milk/TONS of hempseeds/froz banana/maca

Tonite i have a one hour bubble bath planned after Tootise Pop goes to bed.....I can't wait. journal and a hot bath. Beautiful!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Life lessons; Pots, Fire & Patience

Ahhhhhhh life. The glorious, magical, every-changing thing we call life. I have been gone a lot longer than I expected...and boy oh boy has the universe revealed many things to me for which I am eternally grateful.

I went to New Orleans (back home) for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to see my mom in her house for the first time since Hurricane Katrina ;-) I helped organize and prepare for Thanksgiving dinner. And while I had all these fancy fancy plans for what I could create while I was there. I got so into the spirit of things and family, I totally forgot! I am being 100% honest. I dished up everyone's Thanksgiving Gumbo and food (macaroni and cheese, stuffed bell peppers, oyster dressing...and other slimy, yucky, colon clogging things) and I sat down and realized I had forgotten to make myself something!! Isn't that great!!!???? I thought it was beautiful. I reached over and grabbed a few apples and had a mono meal Thanksgiving dinner. I led grace and we had a wonderful meal. I felt so light and so free and while I watched all of my family "stuff" those bulky, heavy plates of doo doo into their bodies, I didn't feel judgmental, I felt amazing that this holiday will never again be anything other than a day to give grace. And I know for those who struggle with holidays, it IS wise to have raw alternative meals prepared. I can honestly say that I do not. Cooked food (vegan cooked is sometimes pleasing to my sense of smell) is not even edible to me. It seems like foreign food. ....truly....ahhhhhhhh I love it.

While in New Orleans, I somehow wound up on cooking, cleaning, babysitting duty FULL TIME. What I thought was going to be a vacation, turned into an extremely hard, never-ending job. And instead of pouting or feeling like "why are they doing this to me? Why are they using me?", I stepped back and realized that this is all my doing. I have created the situation where I step in and step up and do things for people that they should be doing themselves. I cripple people by always solving their problems and interfering in their lives in order to "help" them. I also always do this at the expense of my own things. I even wound up physically sick..with cold like symptoms. Something that does NOT happen often. The universe was really telling me to ssssllllllloooooowwwwwww down. All of this came flooding to me like the water when the levees broke! I was astonished...overhwlemed....heartbroken and F-R-E-E. I put down the "do gooder" hat and picked up on own tattered, neglected, dingy hat and began to dust it off. And here I stand. I started off doing a great job of keeping my food journal and then it became too much of a hassle. Yet another one of those things for me I put to the side to do things for others. Please by no means misunderstand me to say that you have to be selfish to do what you need to do in life. That is not my message at all!! It's just that if you run yourself ragged doing for others without caring for yourself, you aren't doing anyone any favors. It may seem like you are, but you really aren't.

There is a saying that you "have too many pots in the fire". That means you are trying to do too many things at once. I interpret that to mean if too many pots are in the fire....then no one pot is actually getting cooked. They are all just lukewarm . I had to look at my life and pull some pots out of the fire. I LOVE this fascinating world of raw foods and of getting the message out to others...motivating and inspiring...uplifting. I have a natural talent for it. As most know, I care for a sick small child. Kennedy is three and in addition to her fascinating Autism, she has a host of metabolic, physiological problems as well. I have put SO many things on the side for her care and I would have had it NO other way. Well, I have stepped into the reality of my life and I know that her conditions will be what they are and that I need to focus on my life as well as hers. With that said, I have plunged headfirst back into my thesis. YES. I am a graduate school student studying Community Psych & Social Change. I have decided that what is meant for my life will happen and that I am not in a race with anyone to accomplish my goals. I sat down and took a few of the pots out of my fire. So as for now, this one pot is getting uncooked well done!

So some dreams will be set aside...though only shortly, while I accomplish others. I'll be back tomorrow with my menus...updates. Though my blogs will be a bit shorter if the near future, they will be constant (Tai-Kiah ;-)
In light and love

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's Get Fit!!

Okay.... I have finally moved over the hump of losing my son and I am standing in the sunlight of my todays and tomorrows. With that said....TA DAH!!! Fitness wagon here I COME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say love?) working out and I am back into the spirit of things. I will be posting much much more about fitness. Continue to keep sending love my way as I am working on some things....all in due time....

On November 12, 2007 I ate...
smoothie: fresh strawberries/fresh spinach/frozen bananas
almond mylk/frozen strawberries/banana
flax/onion crackers sunflower seed pate' olives dulse
raw banana ice cream with awesome cacao
32 oz water
smoothie: frozen blueberries/banana/straw/organic hempseeds/agave 1 fresh banana
smoothie: chia soaked blended with frozen banana/straw/water/agave banana

Speaking of fitness, I have this goal to get in what I'm calling "sneaky" fitness. It is crafty, devious ways of getting in exercise ALL throughout the day. Now that my beloved Kennedy is homeschooled (she only went to private school for about 3-4 weeks..3 mornings...) my time is extremely limited. I have to find ways of getting things in with a limited amount of time. This week's FAVORITE exercise is the stomach vacuums! I ABSOLUTELY love these and once you train yourself with them, you can literally perform them anywhere. I'm doing them right now!!!! They are a fab way to shrink your waistline and give you abdominal strength which transfers over into better posture, a stronger CORE overall, and higher fitness level.

My fitness goals are many! And before the pregnancy, I was well on my way to being where I wanted. Now that I am back on the Fit Train, there is NO stopping me. NOW is the best time really start getting yourself together fitness wise, b/c you can starve off those unwanted holiday pounds (or at least keep them at bay) while increasing your strength/muscular endurance as well as, cardiovascular endurance. Training and fitness are a true true true love of mine. Nothing is better than coupling raw food with fitness, I truly do believe that.

In that spirit, I am dreaming up and beginning to work on making some of those dreams come true. My new motto is, "All things in due time". Please send blessings/positive energy my way. I have a vision for my life, YOUR LIFE, the planet and It WILL be realized. I receive a great deal of emails from people who feel lost, with nowhere to turn and they are so confused about raw food...confused about fitness (lift weights vs cardio....sagging skin). Well, I am not a preacher. I HAVE been there. I have lost over 60+ pounds on my short 5'0" frame. I KNOW the devastation you feel....the hopelessness....the confusion. So, with all that in mind, I am trying to find a way to put together something that I think will really help those it is meant to help. I am the real deal (how modest was that?:-)

On November `13, 2007
lemon water
smoothie: frozen banana/blueberries/straw/water/agave/organic hemp protein
smoothie: frozen banana/straw/blueberries/chia /agave/almond mylk
2 slices bananas bread /cream cheese
lemon water
smoothie: banana/straw/blueberries/agave/almond mylk/raw power green superfood

I have some questions from the most fabulous magazine EVER....Oxygen Magazine! that you can ask yourself if you are serious about fitness!
1. Write down three things you can do first thing each morning to better care for your body (walking to work, meditating, drinking a glass of water instead of on).

2. How an yo learn to accept the highs and the lows of your life journey? What do you do to cheer yourself you and motivate yourself further?

3. Think about a few ways you can push yourself to do more. What can you do to start challenging yourself in small ways (for example, increase the distance you walk each day).

4. What can you do to make more time for yourself? What can you do with that time to improve your skills?

5. What are you good at? What are you best at? Is there anything you're good at that you can be best at? How can you get there?

With these questions in mind, start today! NOT after the! Get serious about raw foods and serious about changing your body.

On November 14, 2007 I ate....
green smoothie: 1 qt spinach/straw/banana/tons of organic hempseeds
1/2 banana
banana bread with 1 banana
16 oz water
banana bread
smoothie: chia seedsalmond mylk/frozen strawberries/blueberries/banana
banana bread
16 oz
banana bread
smoothie: 1 qt cacao!/banana/almond mylk/agave

I am going to enjoy this chilly, freezing, Thursday afternoon and gather myself together before Kennedy gets up from her much needed nap.....

In light and love,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Seeking abundance and breathing into life

I feel like I have so many things that need to be done, yet I don't know where to start. When I get these overwhelming feelings I know that it's time to sit down, journal and take a deep breath. When I am not "focused" things go undone, pile up and lead to stress. So I am sitting down and making my undone lists and starting to work on things. It's not that I don't work on stuff, it's that I have so many "pots in the fire" no one of them can get hot enough to cook anything! (Did you follow that? Downsouth lingo:)

On November 9, 2007 I ate...
16oz water
fresh pineapple
smoothie ; pineapple/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
32oz water
slice banana bread/cream cheese
pate' stuffed tomatoes with olives on top
slice banana bread
green smoothie: spin/straw/banana HUGE ....yummmm
banana bread with raspberries

Good thing is that eating has been effortless. I mean it is just totally effortless. I am just eating what I want to eat and feeling great about that. I'm feeling good in my skin and great inside and out. I took everyone who offered me advice and with the guidance and wisdom of the lovely Angela. I have been eating a lot of nutrient dense foods and plenty of blended stuff to get in my nutrition. I feel really great. For a first time in a long time, my food addiction issues are totally under control. I know part of it is because I am charting everything that I eat. For those who have emailed and said that my menus are helping them in some way...I am sooooo grateful.Angela's menus used to and still do inspire and educate me. So I am so happy to be able to pay it forward.

On November 10, 2007 I ate...
Green juice: kale/lemon/apple
smoothie: green juice and 2.5 bananas....smooth and creamy
banana bread with fresh pineapple
salad: red leaf lettuce/olves/hempseeds/lime/herbamare
flax onion crackers
smoothie: fresh raspberries/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
banana raw ice cream handful walnuts
32 oz water

People have been asking me if I believe that I'm eating "properly". hummmm.... I eat the way that feels right to me on any given day/situation. I have had serious food addictions and issues that I am very upfront about and I am aware that sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. However, I am much smarter and more intune with me, so I can feel when these episodes are happening. Usually they happen during times of extreme stress.

November 11, 2007 (my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I ate...
Smoothie: green superfood/2 bananas/frozen pineapples/almond mylk
8oz green juice: kale/lemon/apple
1 slice banana bread
2 slices banana bread with a smoothie: pineapples/banana/maca/almond mylk
banana bread with cream cheese
TONS of fresh pineapple
2 bananas

I ate soooooo much banana bread on this day, b/c I was on the go. In this cold, it travels very very well. When accompanied with a banana, it can keep you full for quite some time. At this time of year with ripping and running from here to there, it's important to find ways that make it easy to travel while raw without compromising your health or nutrition.

I have SO much on my plate right now that this is a fairly easy time for me to get overwhelmed and stressed. My stresses have nothing to do with holiday party planning or Christmas shopping, but with homeschooling, therapies, blood work, lab tests.....ahhhhh....just taking a deep breath. As I am getting back into the spirit of my life, I am knowing that all things are perfectly fine the way that they are. There is only so much that I can do from day to day and so long as I persevere toward my goals and towards accomplishing something, I feel great. I know that within a given day I have done everything that I can to make my daughter have amazingly wonderful fantastically engaged days and that means more to me than anything else. The paperwork, the goals, the degree, it all has to take a backseat to our health and happiness. One day at a time...engaged and active is my motto.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Moon in Scorpio....Change and Winter Raw Foods

On November 6, 2007 I ate.....

16 oz water
1 apple
smoothie: spinach/straw/banana
flax crackers with cacao and 2 bananas
choc flax bagel on the run
1/2 sheet of choc flax crackers and a banana
48 oz water
4 oz fresh cranberry juice
flax crackers and a banana
cacao/flax cracker with almond butter and banana

On days like the one above when I am really on the run....I grab a TON of flax crackers...some bananas...and water and hit the road. When I get home I try to get in some "fresh" water filled drinks and foods.

On November 7, 2007 I ate...

16 oz water
cacao/flax bagel flax crackers bananas
smoothie: fresh strawberries maca banana smoothie
bananas and bowl of almonds
smoothie: cacao/banana/almond mylk handful almonds

I was depressed yesterday. Just thought alot about my baby that is gone and fell into a funk. I could tell b/c I kept wanting nuts. My "monitored" food. Food addictions and issues come into play with plain nuts for me. When I truly caught myself sliding off the deep end, I put the nuts in water to make mylk.

Ohhhhhh, the changes that are happening right now in my life are phenomenal. Any and every chance that we get to make conscious changes in our lives can be deeply fulfilling. I have been manifesting abundance and peace/love/joy into my life and it is showing up. I have been moving through another phase in the grief over the loss of my child and I am stepping into the glory of a new light that is surrounding my life.

On November 8, 2007 I ate....
1 quart grapefruit juice
16 oz water
3 bananas almonds
32 oz water
smoothie: banana *unripe...yuck!* cacao ice water
16 oz water

I have been reading Lisa Dale Miller's astrology for a while now and I decided to post what she says about this new moon in Scorpio...

"The New Moon in Scorpio is the night to acknowledge the ways this questioning process manifests in your life. This is the most serious New Moon of the year. This is the night of truth and dare: dare to be truthful with yourself and you will greatly increase the rewards of this ritual. This year, the heavens are providing a container for loving, compassionate insights with a grand water trine between Sun/Moon (ego and emotional needs) in Scorpio, Uranus (the awakener) in transcendent Pisces, Mars (self-directed action) in compassionate, loving Cancer.
Though the Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio shows us our egoic and emotional desire to remain in control and maintain positions of power, an especially philosophical and blissful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius and Mercury (mind)/Venus (heart) in relational Libra, will lend a gentleness to Scorpio's ability to strip away layers of lies we tell ourselves in order to protect our own selfish interests. So, truth-telling will be real, but tempered with love on this New Moon in Scorpio. Hopefully the intensity of ritual work that usually characterizes a New Moon in Scorpio will be accompanied by a feeling of coming home to our essential goodness. These planetary aspects will deepen the intensity of your ritual, as well as all actions taken in support of your intentions during the two week waxing phase of the Moon"

With that in mind....I can understand how and why suddenly now I feel the shifts that I do. I am embracing the changes. Change is good...even when it feels difficult to do.

I have been enjoying the ease of being raw and I have come up with a system of sorts. Firstly, Tootsie Pop helps me in the kitchen WHENever I am in there! I am not one of those "get out of here, it's too hot" kinda moms. I incorporate her into everything that I do that doesn't pose a danger to her (food processor, cutting...etc). Today when she went to school I only have 1 hour and 45 mins when she goes after my driving time to and from. I used every second and made...onion bread...almond mylk....sunflower/hemp pate'....banana bread and cream cheese.....a smoothie. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. NOW that she's home and it's icy/rainy outside she and I can just sit and enjoy one another. Maybe watch and dance to a Sesame Street! I figure that ONE day a week I will do major dehydrating/pate' making and then daily I can throw the juice/salads/other stuff. This raw lifestyle can be as difficult or easy as you want it to be!

At this time of year with the cold weather and holiday dishes, people are talking about temptation and challenges. I am only thinking of gourmet raw dishes and change. I don't see a challenge AT ALL. Not even a little bit. I am actually excited to go home to New Orleans and to be able to share all this wonderful raw holiday knowledge with my family. They are having some traditional New Orleans thanksgiving dishes (Gumbo included!) and I will have my WONDERFULLY FABULOUS feast of gourmet raw delights. I see that several people are selling holiday ebooks with recipes in them. I can't afford to purchase any of them, but I am just going to make the recipes that I have found and have a wonderfully joyous occasion of thanksgiving. No stress....that's one of the BEST things about this lifestyle. For ME this is NOT the raw food "Diet", it's my raw food "Lifestyle". It is WHO I am now....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saving money, learning lessons, taking breaks

Ahhhhhhhhhh..................the lessons in life that I have been learning are shaking my core. This is a good shake...a shaking awake! I am happy that I am learning these vital lessons. The truth is that the journey is tough, but most good things are. I've noticed that I am NOT drinking enough water, so I am reallllllyyyyyy going to focus on that. For that read my blog, please send some positivity my way...I could really use the energy right now.

On November 3, 2007 I ate....
8oz water
smoothie: lime/kale/bananas/apple
cacao/flax crackers and strawberries
bagel/with cream cheese
smoothie cacao/tbsp/banana/almond mylk
32oz water
chia seeds/goji berries/lucuma/bananas/almond mylk/lucuma
more of the same: chia seeds/goji/lucuma/bananas/almond mylk
1/4 cantaloupe
bagel with cream cheese

It is really chilly and windy here on the East Coast. I am enjoying the change. Just taking one smiling day at a time. I love when the season changes to Fall and everything begins to stand still. Being from the South, I miss the warmth of the sun at this time of the year, but the breezy chill of the North has begun to win me over.

On November 4, 2007 I ate......
smoothie: spinach/strawberries/bananas
1qt of green smoothie: spinach/strawberries/bananas
2 sheets raisin/walnut/flax/oat bread with cream cheese
smoothie:cacao/almond mylk/banana
chia seeds soaked in almond mylk/ 1 apple sliced up
32oz water
salad: lettuce/avocado/tomatoes/lime/herbamare
smoothie: water/frozen fruit/banana/lucuma/mesquite
smoothie:kale/lime/apple/frozen bananas
16 oz water

I have had a lot of time to think about doing raw less expensively. I have fallen into a rhythm. TONS of flax seeds...LOTS of sunflower seeds....sprouts...apples....bananas....oranges. Massive salads loaded with sea superfoods...lots of love. I feel great in my rhythm of raw.

On November 5, 2007 I ate...
banana ice cream with maca
smoothie: spinach/straw/frozen bananas
cacao banana ice cream with walnuts
flax crackers
romaine roll ups: guac/olives
cacao/sprout/flax cookie
16oz water
Flax crackers
1/2 pt strawberries few flax/superfood crackers
8 oz water

I'm off to get some much needed rest. I've been working on a birthday box for my mom....lots of creativity, lots of love.....I'm off to put more of it together.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Menus, Bees, Negative Energy and Superfoods!

As promised I will post all of my meals/food. I was supposed to start Thursday.....So here it goes...

On Nov 1st I ate... This was green smoothie day....
Smoothie (kale/lime/apple/banana (3), water
Smoothie (spinach/strawberry/3 bananas
2 bowls of frozen banana ice cream with green superfood

I've been enjoying my daughter a lot lately. The moments in between the moments are very important to me. Sometimes we forget that every second is precious and we can't remember how to pay attn at the seemingly insignificant moments. That is a gift that Autism gave me. It taught me how to celebrate every victory and see success in every tiny step. Thank you Autism .

On November 2nd I ate.....
Smoothie strawberry/banana/spinach
Smoothie : cacao/banana 2/ice
Bagels with cream cheese
32 oz water
bagels with cream cheese
salad: hempseeds/red leaf lettuce/1/2 avocado/ olives/lime/herb seasoning

BEFORE Gela gave this wonderful Chia Cheat Sheet, I have been enjoying the magnificent powers of the chia seed. I must say....I LOVE them!!! They are filling....full of nutrition and very complete. Now that I am really watching my grocery money, it is amazing to get the most bang for my buck with these... BTW I have never really liked that "bang for my buck" statement. Please grab a pound or few HERE . I just LOVE finding new ways to incorporate these superfood seeds into my smoothies and other dishes. Check them out, you WON'T regret it!!

On November 3rd I ate....
8oz water
Smoothie: lime/kale/3 bananas/1/2 apple
Cacao/flax crackers and strawberries
1 bagel with cream cheese
Smoothie: Cacao/ 2 bananas/1 c almond mylk/ice
32 oz water
Chia seeds/goji berries/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/ almond mylk
More chia seeds/goji/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/almond mylk
1/4 cantaloupe
1 bagel with cream cheese

I took my daughter to see The Bee Movie. We had a great time. This was the FIRST time she has ever been able to sit through an entire movie with typical children!! I was so happy I could cry. (Now do you see what I mean about celebrating everything like a victory?) She was so excited and I only had to say "Use your quiet voice" about 4 times!! She wants to go and see it that's what we will do after unschooling tomorrow!!

Someone has been trying to break my spirit lately. I know that the agreements that I have made in life let me know that this has a lot to do with me. Why am I attracting that negative energy? Why doesn't it seem like it'll go away? The answer is inside of me. So time for soul searching and "weeding" dangerous energy out of the garden of myself. This will be a busy week with many "challenges". I am ready for them all. I am going to enter into my tomorrow with a bright smile and great attitude. Today I have decided that NOTHING will get/keep me down......NOTHING.

I'm off to be blessed.

In light and love.....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Green Smoothies have come and gone yet are here to stay

Green mustache

Beautiful kale/lemon/apple smoothie

2 frozen bananas with green superfood

Last bits of spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie

I started my green smoothie days and I did it for 1.5 days !!!! I didn't "quit"...I just wanted to eat my bagels that I dehydrated a few days ago !!! It wasn't a big deal either. I realize that I DON'T want to eat oat groats!! They were in the more....I don't like how crunchy they made the bagels.....ouch.....and YES I did soak them overnite first. I just won't eat them anymore. It's a good idea too. With my daughter being GF/CF it makes more sense not to have Gluten anywhere near my food either and then she can pick and choose off of my plate!!!

I asked myself why I thought the green smoothie extravaganza was important. I realized that all I really wanted to do was to drink more green smoothies....duh.....I could have accomplished that withOUT drinking them for 5 days straight! Once I realized that...I drank the smoothies that I had in the fridge and waited about 1.5 hrs before I ate something solid. I don't really like limiting myself.....making it seem like I have to do something. Meaning, when I went on my proposed juice feast last month, all I really needed to do was really get back into juicing more heavily and for some reason I felt like I needed to have this "all or nothing" mentality. All juice or none at all? All green smoothies or none at all? I don't think so!! I don't know why I get into these all or nothing "it has to be perfect" phases, but they are proving to be shorter and shorter. That is great.

What I have learned in my past four months 100% is that I don't need to live up to any one's expectations of what RAW means for me. I can do this exactly how I see fit! Also, I've learned to take what I intend to be a part of the movement for me from those I admire and leave what doesn't suit me or my lifestyle. I've learned that I have goals and ambitions that are real and I am proud of myself for making this journey. I do NOT feel like a failure b/c I quit the juice feast or because I simply wanted my goodies today and decided after my green smoothies digested that I would have it. I am soooooooo proud that I am just letting my inner self run the show!!!

I have decided to do one green smoothie day every few weeks. I felt amazing yesterday. NO thoughts of solid food. Just craved the smoothies. My fridge is still loaded with ingredients and I will be enjoying green smoothies until noon for most of my days. I kinda got away from it and I think that the purpose of all of this was to get back into it!!

I have been doing some major focusing and visualizing lately. I can see exactly how I want things in my life to be and I am working towards my goal. I am NOT getting enough rest and therefore don't feel as ready to tackle my days. I know that without being raw I wouldn't be able to get ANY of what I am getting done completed, but I need a more focused plan. My exercising has been erratic. I know it's because I am feel so great in my skin, that I don't feel it emmergent to exercise, but it is SO vitally necessary to a healthy, happy body. I have been sneaking in some jumping on the rebounder with Tootsie Pop, but even that needs to be more consistent. So that's what I am working on...consistency in ALL areas of my life, meditative practice....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Delicious food and Pre-Green smoothie feelings

My delicious crunch raw tacos with salsa

Yes this is what you think....
Cacao/Flax/Walnut crackers with almond butter,
honey and strawberries. Need I say more?

Matt & Gela's Raw Banana Bread with Cream Cheese

My sprouted buckwheat/flax/red pepper/garlic pizza crust

A picture I took with my daughter at
the Fall Festival for kiddos with Autism

Yes I took a bite before I took the picture!
Shazzie's pate' stuffed in tomatoes with olives and sprouts and flax/onion crackers

My Green Smoothie 5 day extravaganza starts tomorrow! Thought I wouldn't do it??? I'm so excited..... I have to go to the store and get supplies after I drop Tootsie Pop at her special education school (she goes for 2.5 hrs) . Today I "flipped" my bagels in the dehydrator and they smell FANTASTIC!! I will use Gela & Matt's recipe for cream cheese. I am very excited to see how it tastes, but it will have to wait until AFTER the 5 day green smoothie feast. Today I took my cacao/flax/walnut crackers out and I devoured them!!! I covered them in almond butter, honey and strawberries. Wooooooooowwwwwwwwww.

I'm off to bed...haven't been sleeping much lately, but am going to change all of that. This weekend I will be posting some very motivational stuff so keep tuned....the spirit of the universe is moving me in that direction.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fitness Tips, Storms, Autism, Raw Love

Oh...I wear this ribbon proudly :) Actually I wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a watch AND ring!!!!!!! No...seriously I do :)
Before I start my post, be sure to check out the new cool things I've added to the and whatnot. Also, I've updated the rawsome blogs, but not the cool websites. ONE thing...ONE day at a time.

Today was another busy day. Up at 7.....ran Tootsie Pop to Music Therapy for 8....then home for 9:30. 2 therapist came over until 12:30. Back in the car to an evaluation for Physical Therapy....ah ya ya..... It was super easy to be raw-on-the-go. I grab a few flax/onion bread crackers.....1 avocado....a quick smoothie and some fruit. Out the door I went!

Starting on Thursday-Monday I am going on a green smoothie feast! I am SUPER excited about it and I know know know know I can do it! This is NOT a matter of will power or any other such nonsense.... a person is either ready or they are not. I am ready for this. I am researching great green smoothie recipes and I will blog EVERY DAY and ensure that I keep you all detailed about what's going on. Also for those who emailed me.....starting Thursday with the green smoothie goodness 5 days, I will start to re-post my menu. Some of you mentioned that it really helped you out with ideas and I am hoping to provide inspiration in any way that I can. Because what I have learned from this journey INTO THE RAW is that we pick up snidbits from everyone in the community and compile it to see what works best for us and then we plan our own raw destiny. So hopefully my blog and my menus can help motivate and inspire others. ESPECIALLY moms and people on budgets. The reason that I say that is because those are usually (in my experience) the people who feel like they CAN'T be raw b/c "life" is in the way and I want to assure them that they (and you) can do W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R you set your mind too.

Speaking of which...I am in the process of visualizing some amazing things coming into my life. Though I can't mention what they are yet,,,, please take a few seconds and focus positivity this way for me.....let's all take a few seconds...........ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........ahhhhhhhh
Thanks ;-)

Today I made cacao/flax crackers. When I take them out of the dehydrator tomorrow and taste them, I'll let you know what I think of them and then I promise to share the recipe. ANYway that I can get in superfoods while out and about is a +plus in my book!

I have some new ideas about my raw journey. Well, as I mentioned on Thursday I start the green smoothie goodness 5 day extravaganza....but I am going to ensure that I have one green smoothie everyday for breakfast from here on out. At one point I was really great about doing that, but then I got sooooo comfortable in my raw lifestyle (almost four months at 100% ) that I slowly got back into "breakfast" type raw breakfasts. They aren't anywhere near as fulfilling as drinking a raw smoothie/juice on an empty stomach. Also, I am back rebounding and with a 3 year old kiddo with Autism...rebounding in an open room isn't only nearly impossible, it's dangerous! What I have learned to do is to get rid of any ideas of perfection and just do what fits for my life and lifestyle. There is no one (that matters:) sitting in judgment of everything I do. I DESIGN THIS! I write the pages inside the chapters of the book of my life. With that short monologue behind me, I can get on the rebounder WITH my daughter and put on a few good tunes and get in a good 15 minutes of rebounding (with 10 sec breaks in between). That is pretty darn great I believe! So all of you at home/work/library reading this who normally do NOT have distraction this is your wake up call to get off your butt and just do it!!! Sneak in a few pushups on your knees...reverse over and get in a few ab around as if you are a disco club and just let loose b/c if my family journey through Hurricane Katrina and my daughter's battle with Autism have taught me is that LIFE IS happening N-O-W! NOT tomorrow....NOT after you lose the 30#......NOT after you get the significant other of your dreams.....but right now. Life is happening in the moments that most miss b/c they are yelling at the driver in front of them for cutting them off while their kids sit terrified in the backseat when they could show compassion for that "hurried" soul and teach their kids ANOTHER lesson. Life is happening when you wake up with a tummy ache 15 minutes late and can't find your keys. Life is happening when an old friend calls while you are swamped with work/home life and you don't pick up. Point is::::: LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW!!!!!!! And I feel so blessed to be living mine. Don't you?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sneaking Superfoods and Preparing for the Holidays

So far today has been glorious!! Tiny tot and I spent the day with her TSS here at home. I had tons of structured things planned and then we went out into the East Coast Fall weather. I served her TSS her soup that she brought for lunch and I "snuck" a sprouted flax cracker on her plate She LOVED it! Then we had raw banana ice cream with mesquite powder/walnuts.

My tiny tot had a blast. I am TRULY considering homeschooling from here on out. She belongs home with me. She attends special education school 2 mornings a week only and that is enough. The REAL learning happens at home anyway. So, one step at a time....

I am enjoying yet another banana/cream cheese bread courtesy of Angela & Matt....yummmmmmmmm..... I've been loading up on smoothies...sprouts.....flax crackers and delicious yummy raw treats made at home with love.

I have been researching holiday recipe ideas. Tiny tot and I are traveling South back home to New Orleans for Thanksgiving and my mom and I are going to have a raw Thanksgiving. I think that she will eat SOME of the vegan cooked food as well......that's's a part of her journey. I however am going to have a 100% raw Thanksgiving and I am excited about what I am going to prepare. For one of the first times I am more excited about PREPARING my holiday meal with love than I am with EATING it. I am NOT AT ALL concerned about "gaining over the holidays". I rarely step on the scale. I just feel amazing and that is what matters and the ONLY thing that matters.
SO.... I sprouted some wheat berries and they are in the fridge. I have a container of onion crackers......I made a wonderful sprouted/flax/red pepper pizza crust....WONDERFUL. It's easy and great. I have learned on my raw journey that it's important to be prepared! I always have flax crackers somewhere. For those who will email about flax cracker recipes .....the wonderful thing about flax crackers is that you can make them ANYWAY that you want to. I am going to try something new this weekend coming up ...... I am going to try flax/oat groat/raisin/walnut/honey/nutmeg crackers.... Does it sounds delicious???? YES.... I know ;-)
I am also going to try to make a raw caramel sauce and dip the apples and roll them in crushed walnuts for my version of caramel apples!!!!!!!! I will be sure to post the photos and tell you if they come out deliciously which I'm sure they will.

I'm off to enjoy my time alone....ahhhhhhhh.....and prepare Tiny Tot her dinner. BTW.I'm working on getting more raw food into her....I am not sure why it is so difficult to do, but it is. I'm focusing my energy on envisioning her loving the raw foods that I present to her.....ah the power of visualization.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Loving Raw Food

This weekend I have been breathing in the new Fall weather and feeling great. I have been enjoying some new lovely raw dishes and just feeling tons of raw love from the community. My body is loaded with superfoods and I am enjoying my journey .....this process of self-discovery is ever so important and need not be rushed. I am taking my time to exhale into the glory of my life. Some people tell me how sorry they are that my daugher has Autism...or how sorry they are that my family went through Hurricane Katrina. I am NOT sorry about my daughter having Autism. She is a unique and special little girl and for every second that she spends "engaged" in my world is a blessings...NOT a curse.

Last nite for dinner and today for lunch I have enjoyed Shazzie's Sunflower Seed Pate'......oh wow! My Vitamix keeps cutting off on me to "cool" down.....any advice/tips on why that happens and how to prevent it from happening again? Well this pate is made with ....

*2c sunflower seeds (I soaked them and then dehydrated them)
*1/2 red onion
*1/2 red bell pepper
*2 tsps paprika
*sea salt
*fresh basil
*1 c hempseeds

Oh myyyyyy....I took 2 organic beef tomatoes and scooped out the insides and stuffed the pate' in the tomato. then...,I cut the tomatoes in half and put sliced olives on top. I enjoyed it with 1 slice of onion cracker. YES it is VERY VERY heavy, but I am looking for tasty, inexpensive ideas to get me through the winter. If you are looking for hempseeds and can't find them...look no more! Pick up a few HERE at Angela Stokes' RawReform store.

Today, Kennedy and I made some Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops....I found the recipe while surfing late last nite,.....and forgot to write the original author. So as not to copy anyone's recipe without citing them....I will give you the NEW recipe. I took the old recipe and added more ingredients. The first batch weren't sweet or fruity goes.....

Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops

*1 avocado's flesh
*2 ripe bananas
*1/4c cacao
*3 soaked soft dates
*1/4c agave or honey

Pour into mold and freeze over nite....this is an EASY kid-friendly snack for all year old. Who doesn't love ice cream EVEN in the winter? Also a great way to sneak in MORE superfoods.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Superfoods are for Real

If you want to get into superfoods and don't understand or know why they are VITALLY important to our bodies and this planet, please watch Shazzie's wonderful youtube videos about them...there are 4 in total

I was soooooo inspired by these I had to share. I've watched them a zillion times (found them a short while ago)...Hope it inspires you too!

Superfoods show me the way....

Gela & Matt's Banana Bread
Picture of the same loaf with a different angle.
I will post a pic of it with the frosting..
A sure winter staple

My daughter as a "Princess/Witch" trick or treating!

Today was a wonderfully chilly October Fall Day on the East Coast. I (as usual) have a zillion things to do and I decided to take 2 hrs "off" and went to the only raw cafe in town and enjoyed a delicious smoothie, salad, pizza, and banana coconut pie....yummmmmmyyyyy.... Of course it was way too early in the morning for all the combinations and I felt TERRIBLE afterwards! Before I went, my first mind told me to just go home and make something myself....note to self: "LISTEN to your first mind!"

I am sore from my workout yesterday. OUCH! My pecs and biceps are screaming. I had been off my program lately, and am back on track now and I am tearing and rebuilding all of that muscle again. The universe is continuously reinforcing that my decision to stay raw is the absolute right thing for ME. I know that a part of all of the turmoil was my constant desire to feel that things have to be done perfectly whatever that even means. Well I do know this: Everything I need to succeed or fail at life is already inside of me. The power is all in my mind. Being raw isn't a test of will and it never has been for me. I don't want to exist in any capacity feeling like I'm winning a battle of some sort. Truth is...cooked food doesn't really appeal to me and raw food doesssssssss...................So I am going to exhale into the beauty of this day.

Right now I am drinking a wonderful try it...

Burgundy Bliss Drink
*large handful gogi berries
*9oz water
*1.5 c frozen strawberries
*2 tsps E3 Renew Me
*1tbsp of the all powerful maca

This smoothie is fantastically full of superfoods and will make you feel amazing. I am buzzing right now.....which is great b/c my daughter is up and ready for an afternoon of adventure.


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