Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exercise, Sun and Fun

Today was a gorgeous and hot day here. I started this morning with a nice, refreshing grapefruit juice and lounged around. Then we took a 5 mile bike ride along the river. The day was absolutely beautiful and inviting.
I am feeling a little tired from a lack of quality sleep and PMS so I will keep it short. I am loving raw fresh fruit out in the sunshine. It's a heavenly feeling.
I made the onion bread and it was great except that I added too much Bragg's. Next time it will be better.
Food from 7/27/07
smoothie: banana, strawberries, raspberries, maca, almond milk
sweet flax crackers with 1/4c pecans
Raw cafe': raw carrot cake
3/4 cacao shake
1 bite of rotten fig
2 bites awful peach
Massive salad: lettuce (red and green leaf), tomato, 1 1/4 avocado, onion
sweet flax bread
strawberries at 1 am
upperbody exercise....I felt great afterwards


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