Friday, July 27, 2007

Give me Raw!

My daughter is such a radiant ray of life...a true crystal child. This picture of us is showcasing the raw glow!!

Yesterday I woke up really wanted to "clean" out.....I ate
Prune water 8oz
prunes (cold)
watermelon...a hunking piece
HUGE massive salad...lettuce tomato 1.5 avocado olives onion
dressed with lime
lara bar
2 frozen banana ice cream with pecans....yummy way to end the day.
I had the best intention to do yoga, but Kennedy was "backed up". By the time she "released" I was exhausted and read myself to sleep. All in all a good day.
Today I found a raw food cafe' and I felt like I was in heaven. I am excited to have found ANY other raw foodists in this area. I have been visualizing raw food abundance and good things are happening. A friend* got me a wonderful birthday present....RAWvolution by matt amsden. I LOVE it! It's pricey, but worth it. It's gourmet raw, but most things aren't too hard to find. I don't have easy access to raw/vegan foods where I live, but things will get better ( I can see it;)
When I think of the quote "There is always another choice", I am reminded just how easy being raw is. I have been vegan for over 6.5 years and would NEVER consider eating meat. I feel the same way about raw vs. cooked food. I know for most that being 100% isn't optimal/possible, but I have found a way to make it work for me. Everyone has their own process and their own path. It took me 3 years along the raw path...50%, 65% 75% 80% then 100% so I know better than anyone that this is more emotional and psychological than it is merely having raw food to eat! I love V. Butenko's 12 Steps to Raw Foods. I read that about 3 years ago and it still holds true today.
Today is a day that I am craving FITNESS. As Robert Kennedy says I need a taste of my "iron pills". I am doing an upper body workout today with little bit of sporadiac cardio.
I have taken a 2 mile brisk walk along the river and will do....
bicep curls, tricep dips, one armed lat row, pushups, overhead shoulder press and pec flyes. This is going to be a nice way to warm back up into my fitness....oh I can't wait!


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