Monday, July 23, 2007

Raw Food is Love

This is the first of many blogs I will post here. I am excited to share this journey with any and all who are interested in reading it. Please feel free to email me at any time.

I don't subscribe to any raw-ligion or believe that 100% is the ONLY way this can be done. I was about 60-75% raw for 3 years before now, with a few 100% months thrown in. I believe that everyone is on their own path...

I am committed to the raw food lifestyle and am loving being 100%. This just "fits" for me. I have been vegan for 6 years now and this was a natural progression along my path. I was known as the "cook"...the "baker" and the chef. Well, I am now the "uncooker", "dehydrator chef" and raw goddess that I was meant to be.

When I am preparing raw foods, it seems that MORE love is going into the foods I prepare. Even the simple dishes are crafted with care and love and I am in awe of the end result. As I eat it, I feel the love going down. I share the kitchen with my husband (occasional vegetarian but never beef or chicken) and my daughter who is on the GF/CF vegan diet...whew! There are usually 3 different bkfst, lunches, and dinners.

Today I am eating better than yesterday. I made raw pancakes and devoured them!! They were great, but today I am keeping it a little simpler. For exercise today, I am going to do 40 mins of Yoga Booty Ballet and *maybe* a short lowerbody workout...will update later.

A college friend is coming tomorrow and I am going to introduce her to some raw foods if she's open to the process. If not, I'll plant the seed and it will surely grow one day. It's hard NOT to feel the love vibe in a raw kitchen.


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