Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Becoming Jayna'

I saw an amazing movie today. Becoming Jane is a great movie about a wonderful woman and extremely talented authoress. I'm sure most know about her great works...Pride and Predjudice and
Persuasion . I was so inspired. Perhaps I was more affected than most by this film b/c I have always been a writer at heart. Her fierce spirit and determination NOT to sacrifice herself for the sake of others' thoughts about her life was vastly fascinating. I have always been a fan and highly recommend this film to every and anyone!

On another media note...Shazzle Dazzle was featured on Raw Summit today. You can hear it before 8:00pm Aug. 22nd. Listen to Shazzle Dazzle. This womyn is absolutely one of the most inspirational, blessed, ecstatic and highly influential beings I have ever encountered. Every interview that she's done, every book or article that she has written has spoken directly to my soul. I can hardly describe exactly how dead on she is about seeminly everything! I am amazed (always) with her positive spirit and glowing personality.

Today was an amazingly simple raw day. I went to the farmer's market in the rain and had a wonderful time. I got tons of nectarines, peaches, fresh corn, beets, prune plums...yummmmmmmmmmm I had the most massive, delicious salad today....green leaf/spinach about 15 cups, 1 ear fresh corn, red onion, raw pickles ( a must have for me), cherry tomatoes, lime, 1 avocado and herbamare. I have found that I can eat about 15c of lettuce per salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. oh my....yummmmmmyyyyy I am kinda hungry thinking about it.

I also rebounded for 15 mins, did YBB for 20 mins and some serious stretching.
Tomorrow will be a day one in the same. Massive raw food, searching for an abundance of love and beauty in my little one's eyes, and envisioning my bright future.


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