Monday, August 6, 2007

Detox Day 2

It's time to see things differently. Day 2 of the detox is bringing to the surface more emotional issues than it is physical food stuff. I am dealing with it all though. I can't believe how much I ate fat and how much I miss it!! A salad just wasn't the same...I actually quit eating it and made a smoothie of the greens!
My daughter went to bed extremely late tonite and I STILL did my planned workout. I lifted upperbody free weights today. Ahhhhh did it feel good. I get a little high from lifting weights. It's a serious hobby of mine. Ever since I got back from New Orleans 5 weeks ago, I've been kinda "off" my game, but I am slowly getting back on the wagon boy oh boy does it feel great.
Back to the detox (I'm all over the place today) that I am eating a ton of fresh fruit, I can FEEL the digestion which makes me wonder what is happening (digestion wise) when I eat HUGE HUGE flax crackers with like 6 ingredients? Will I stop eating them? NO. Will I eat them as often? YES. I am learning so much about my body and am really considering the 92 day juice feast before it is too cold. Anyone else thinking of juice feasting? Maybe we can support one another. I am going to order Angela Stokes' Juice Feasting book (
It is also really nice NOT to have to worry about what I am going to eat.
I normally make meal time kinda elaborate and am always flipping something in the dehydrator, but for this week all of that is on hold. It is nice to only have to peel, cut or chop what I am going to eat. Tonite I made the mistake of eating 2 frozen bananas and strawberries at will sit kinda heavy all nite long and interfere with my digestion, but I worked out late and therefore ate later than I would have liked. I do NOT believe in being hungry EVER! and so I ate it and it was delicious. I am off to get rest (an important part of this detox) and let the fairies dance around my dreams and drift me off to never-never-land.


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