Saturday, August 11, 2007

Detox Days 4-7 & Lazy Hazy Summer Days

Finishing the detox took more psychological strength that I thought. It wasn't a very difficult process (eat this, don't eat that), but I suddenly started craving raw desserts.....raw junk food. I really realized how big a part those things have played in my daily raw life.

I spent time in meditation and prayer and I journalled heavily. I feel like a changed woman. This detox was the best thing I have ever done. I have decided to try a low-fat raw vegan approach. I will of course still indulge in desserts and eat some messy combonation meals, but not NEARLY as often. I felt so light and airy and finally experienced a true "fruit high"....ahhhhhhhhhhhh what an amazing feeling. I have been indulging in some very delicious green smoothies. I HAVE to drink them really cold and what an awesome experience. I have chillin in the fridge right now (spinach, strawberry, banana)...yummmmmmyyyyy

Today this beautiful Sunday holds love and bliss; sunshine and smiles. Tonite is the new moon and Leo and I am excited about the renewal that this time is bringing for me.

The summer sun has me with an attitude of gratitude these days. I love taking long walks along the river while watching my daughter's curiousity grow and see her bond in nature. I will post some of the yummy smoothies I have been making lately.


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