Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ever the busy one!

I have been SO busy getting Kennedy ready for her two schools. I am so excited that she will be learning from other people than myself and can't wait to see how she progresses over this next year. She is an amazing crystal child and being on this journey with her is so rewarding and fulfilling. She was so excited to go to school today. She said, "I LOVE to learn!" I told her, "so do I". There is something so powerful in knowledge.

I have such fond memories of being a little girl and getting my library card and LOVING to go to the library. That same curiosity is present in me today. I have at least 15 books by my bedside EVERYDAY and I love the pursuit of knowledge. There is something to wonderful about the quest for information and then "understanding" something. I also love some fiction....light cheery reading.

I will be without Kennedy for the first time in her life next week when she goes to both schools Tues-Fri :( I guess I can finally...
*get a consistent workout schedule
*finish my thesis
*invent raw chocolate creations

Speaking of raw chocolate....I floated on my cacao high for days on end. I ate pretty much only raw choc for breakfast/snacks/lunch/snacks/dinner/dessert! I am pretty healthy with my raw these days and like I said before, I choose not to fall into the "guilt" trap with food. I choose quality foods that nourish me. And YES I think twice after I have consumed 2 pounds of almonds or almond butter in one sitting, but then I pull back and recollect and start the next meal in the best way I can. I am proud of the progress that I have made.


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