Monday, August 13, 2007

Post Detox Fall Off

Okay, so I finished the detox and for some reason I though that I could jump right back into eating fats and dried fruits....well, I couldn't!! Not only was it too big of a psychological jump, physically I felt horrible. My stomach feels like I swallowed a brick and until recently, I felt hot and dizzy. Note to self: "Slow down on the fat"

To other news....I realized that I can eat a much higher fruit caloric intake and feel just fine..actually better than fine....I feel amazing. Dr. Doug Graham is on to something with 80-10-10. I am fine with eating larger quantities of fruit than anything else. I HAVE to have my green smoothies and salads and know that it is a better balance than the "eat it just b/c it's raw" syndrome that so many fall prey too.

Angela Stokes (one of my inspirations in the raw world) announced her engagement to Matt Monarch and I can feel the love radiating off of her web page. It is so beautiful when two kindred spirits find one another. Blessing to them.
The pic above is of sweet flax crackers. I am learning to eat them sparingly or not eat them at all. Ah ah the lessons.


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