Thursday, August 16, 2007

Progess Not Perfection!

Days where I consume large quantities of fruit are just better days. I feel so clear and so light and ready for the world. Why then is it that I have been eating such high quanitites of raw fat (nuts, olives, avocados) again? I couldn't figure it out until I realized JUST how much energy and attention I give to trying to avoid them. (The Secret is......) STOP concentrating on avoiding them and EMBRACE my love for the foods that love me.

That is what I have done beginning today and for the rest of my life**
Overeating fats again have made me lethargic and quite cranky. I haven't been exercising the way that I wanted to and today I have 40mins of YBB planned for this afternoon and I am excited to move my body again.
What I have really realized (yet again) is that progess toward my goal is key ....NOT perfection. I would rather learn my lessons and enjoy the journey than to feel that I have done everything perfectly. Is there such a thing I wondered? I realized that perfect is relative to every individual person.

MY idea of perfection is having the day pass and knowing that I consumed foods that were healthy for my body and spirit and that I engaged in physical activity (yoga, cardio, ST) and that I felt some of the infinite and abundant love that is present.
My daughter's outlook on life is so pure and energetic. I have been allowing her to guide my days lately and I have been remembering the beauty in simplicity. So there you have it. I'm on a neverending journey toward simplicity, freedom, and my idea of perfection.


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