Friday, August 3, 2007

Ready, Set...Detox!

I am about to embark upon a 7 day detox starting tonite at 6pm. There will be another free detox starting Aug. 18th if you are interested you can sign up at ( I am interested to think about having to detox on the raw food diet. Is it because I have been filling myself dehydrated things far too much? Not getting in enough green juices?

Now that I am reading Dr. Graham's book, I am changing SO much of what I thought about raw foods. This is all a natural progression along the path towards vibrant health for me. I have been consuming too many nuts/desserts/dehydrated flax crackers and although I am eating my fair share of nuts and veggies, I am not impressed with my health lately. I have been bloated, feeling tired easily and overall not well some days. I know that salt, herbamare and seasonings are keeping me "stuck" and this detox is going jumpstart my path towards health and happiness.

Today Kennedy got her first!!!!!! She named them Dorothy and Abuela. I was so delighted to see her get into her nuturing role. She kissed the bag that the fish were in and she wanted to hug the fish tank! What a peaceful little angel we are cultivating in this house. She is so lovely and full of joy, it is an honor to parent her...

So, I will keep the blog updated everyday with my emotional, psychological, and physical developments as I proceed with this detox. I am SO ready for change. SO ready to get old habits over with and ready to put new healthy, happy lifestyle habits in their place.


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