Thursday, August 2, 2007

Times they are a Changin'

Green juice is so cleansing and I love it on an empty stomach!! My daughter is sniffing around and I believe will soon be ready for it again. She used to drink it as a young tot, but has since grown to reject it :( Part of the reason is because I am realling "greening" it up with heavy use of kale (fav) and collards.

It has been extremely hot here...almost unbearably so. I have taken up creating make-believe land in my home with my daughter and remembering what it's like to be a child full of wonder and imagination. Reading Anastatia ( is helping me create my dream world. It isn't a bad idea to take a break sometimes and just...believe. Here are a few things I believe in....

*the power of love. Love between families. Love for all people on Earth

*health and happiness for all people.

*the power of forgiveness

*raw and living foods' ability to change your entire life

*peace for all

I believe that true change starts from within. The only way that we create change in the world is to change ourselves. The WORK is grueling, but necessary for a better world. Ghandi said it best, "Be the change you want to see in the world." No words are more true. We can't control, change or WISH to change the actions/opinions/judgments of others. We are to live in conjunction with them and allow light and energy to shine thru them in their own time and space.

I know raw fooders who feel so RIGHT. They know that this is the best way to eat and live, yet they exist from a place of egotistic domimance. They talk badly about those who don't eat this way, and judge others. Well, I remind that that we too used to be there. Hoping to figure it all out. Wishing that we knew better. and that we do we have a responsiblity to share it with others.

Speaking of ways I used to eat...I've been craving sweets like mad lately! I've been wanting them all the time. I think it's time to go over all of my menus and eliminate some things that have been giving me problems. I have serious food issues and who was I to think it would dissappear once I went raw?!?!?

Here in lies the point: I don't want to have an unhealthy relationship with RAW food, as I did with COOKED food. Angela Stokes's book with the view of approaching raw food with the twelve steps, as well as the lovely V. Butenko's 12 Steps to Raw Food (

I am in the spirit of change and growth...separation and renewal. So much is happening in and around me....I guess this is what happens to everyone who embarks on the raw food journey.... we free up the time our body and brains normally take digest and process food and use that renewed energy to change ourselves and the world!


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