Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Combo-Abombo ...Clean it up!!!

Here is a photo of the most gorgeous salad ever!! I have been really complicating my menu lately. OUCH says my digestive system. I have overdone the nuts and I am NOT doing well with it. I am refocused and ready to feel good again.

I am really thinking about liquids lately. This always happens naturally after I have had a week or two of complicated dishes. My body feels dehydrated and inefficient. I HAVE to change that.

I went out of town this weekend. An impromptu trip. Traveling raw is quite easy. Massive salad at the restaurant, made up raw food trail mix......easy (yes)...good for my stomach (no)! I need to plan better when I am going out of town or going to be away from home for longer periods of time. These are all notes to myself.

I'm off to think superbeing thoughts!!!!!!!!!

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