Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Breezes, Less Sneezes

My lovely school girl got her first set of sniffles. ARG! I kept her home one day and doctored her with love. I hope she's all better for next week. I also cut down her hours at school. I know I know...someone out there is thinking, "Just let her go already". Well, no! She is my heart and soul and I feel like it was just too much. So she goes to two different schools 3 hrs on 3 days and 2 hours on 2 days. That is enough. I may be decreasing it by a day also. I have found some great things to do with her at home and I want the time to do them.

The new pre-fall breeze is blowing across the northeast. It felt amazing today. I enjoyed some delicious treats. Today I juiced 2 grapefruit and added 2 tbsps of E3Live...yummmyyyy. I felt so amazing afterward.

I had been overeating fats....mainly nuts (due to my emotional distress) and then I woke up and said, ENOUGH! I ate a huge container of organic pitted prunes...drank some water....used the bathroom and I feel great now. I was so bloated from all those nuts. And I hadn't even soaked the almonds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ate them out of the bag...totally enzymeless! Oh trust me the lesson is learned. BTW...don't think that I ate a bunch of nuts and then ate prunes as a way of "purging" myself. No NO NO...I ate tons of nuts for about a week and then I decided to eat something "cleansing" and leave the nuts alone. (Just wanted to clarify)

It is Sunday already and I have a gazillion things to get done next week. I feel prepared for the rush of everything. I am trying to get my life organized so that I can get into a space where I just let things come as they may. I truly do work hard at getting things accomplished, but I am needing to make more "down" time. Raw foods give you mega energy (when eaten correctly has been my experience) and sometimes I don't know when to shut it off. (i.e. I'm typing my blog at 12:45 am). It feels good to know that I can plan for busy times by cleaning up my diet. For instance...I need a lot of energy this week so I will be focusing on mega superfoods......frozen banana ice cream with lucuma, maca and raw cacao.......E3live enhanced citrus juices.........and massive, massive salads. It will be interesting to see what my body craves and this weather cools off. I am so excited about my life. I mourn the loss of my son with every breathe I take, and I appreciate my daughter THAT much more with every beating of my heart........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the joys of life.


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