Saturday, September 1, 2007

Raw for YOU!

Who do you call ? Where do you turn? Supplements or not? Superfoods or not? This raw journey can make some feel soooooo overwhelmed, so perplexed and frustrated. It is that quest to do "raw right" that leaves so many giving up on raw foods and running back to the world of 100% dead food. I am no authority, but I am here to tell you that YOU are your best compass for where to go on this raw journey.

All I can say is that I read everything that pulled at my soul and I kept what served me and threw the rest away. There are days/weeks where I eat barely any fat and I feel amazing. There are other days/months where I am craving fat and I eat it! Smoothies and juices are staples in my tummy, but there are moments when I just don't feel like it and I don't consume them. Those moments are few and far between. ( I say this as my grapefruit/orange juice is cooling in the freezer)

I find most of the answers in my daughter's eyes. She makes it apparent just how easy this all is. Don't obsess over it. Just DO IT! If I give her dehydrated enchiladas and an apple, she takes the apple every time. That's my lesson to simplify sometimes.

I had a wonderful 2-3 weeks on the cacao skywaves. Gee was it amazing. I got a ton of stuff done...did a lot of soul searching, journal writing and just came to a certain peace of mind in my life right now. I feel great.

I have always been a sort of people-pleaser. Even when I wasn't aware of it, I ran my life decisions by family and friends secertly wondering if they thought it was a good idea or not. I realized that this set me up for some major disappointments in life. Every time someone close to me had a personal opinion about my life, I would be devastated and crushed. I would wonder why they didn't agree with my choice. I learned that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of my decisions. I am the only one who has to live with my decisions (my darling daughter as well) and I also realized that my seeking for approval was b/c I didn't feel strongly enough about my sense of self worth. That has alllllllllll changed. I feel like a new womyn and nothing can change it.

Banana ice cream has been a craving of mine for weeks now.
*I take a few frozen bananas and break them into chunks...
*freeze overnite....
*put them in the food processor with almond milk (1/4c) and
*process until I get the consistency of soft serve.
*Add strawberry sauce (processed fresh strawberries and agave nectar) and yummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Of course you could also add cacao powder for Raw Choc Ice cream

I'm off to be a visionary ....


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