Friday, September 21, 2007

To Each Her Own...or His Own :)

My fridge can look like this at any given moment OR it can be full of raw "junk" food. Oh my goodess to each her own. WHY WHY WHY is there so much judgment in our world? One side is that those on pure raw, unaltered foods want to share with all raw fooders how amazing it feels to be low fat, undehydrated, unprocessed raw. I am sooooooo much healthier than I was a few years ago and I feel great to eat the way I do. Sometimes I am in the mood for just fresh juice and really healthy salads with 1/2 an avocado OR there are days like today when I want rawsome pizza, coconut/cacao/nut pie, and a smoothie. For those who believe this connection keeps us connected to the cooked world....SO what??? Everyone has there own process and own experience. I am NOT drawn to cooked food! I do have moments where my brain remembers cooked food and wants it, but it isn't food to me anymore so I NEVER consider eating it. I'm saying all of this to say my daughter is a high-raw gluten free vegan, my husband is a high-raw (chicken/fish) borderline vegetarian, and I am 100% raw vegan. We all coexist in the same house and have respect for one another. THAT is what this is all about.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Angela Stokes . She has summarized food addiction and how to turn it around with raw foods in such a fascinating way. I am about to start posting my menu for the day (much as she does on her website) as a means of keeping me accountable. I haven't been nearly as out of control with my eating as I have been in the past, but it's just something I need to go back to doing. I used to keep a very detailed food journal and it was benefical to me.

I am in such a transitory place right now. I am so swamped with things for my daughter's school and it feels like I can't get anything done for myself, but I realized that I have the same 24 hrs in my day as everyone else!!! How motivational is this thought: Whether you do or do not do what you have to, the time passes anyway. WOW! With that in my mind, I intend on getting all of my stuff done today.

I went to the bookstore today with the hubby and had a nice quiet hour while Kennedy went to school for an hour. THEN we all headed out for raw cuisine at the ONE raw cafe in my town. I was soooooooo happy. I love having some others prepare food filled with love for me. I am usually the chef and it's nice to have others uncook my meals every now and again.

My mood has been shaky due to the loss of my son :( I can go up and down. I know that some raw fooders frown upon the constant use of superfoods, but hey.....I have been using them especially now to help elevate my mood and it's helping! I feel amazing. I just had a cacao/spirulina/banana smoothie and I am buzzzzziiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg! With each passing day, I am sure losing my child will get easier, but for now I am going with the ebb and flow of my emotions and allowing myself the time to grieve and feel sorrow, while also remembering the beauty of all that I do have.

It's a gorgeous day outside and I am off to see where the day will take us b/c Kennedy isn't napping (actually she's in her bed singing "banana nana fo fanna" as I type this. Blessings to all and I am back in daily posting action as of today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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