Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Delicious food and Pre-Green smoothie feelings

My delicious crunch raw tacos with salsa

Yes this is what you think....
Cacao/Flax/Walnut crackers with almond butter,
honey and strawberries. Need I say more?

Matt & Gela's Raw Banana Bread with Cream Cheese

My sprouted buckwheat/flax/red pepper/garlic pizza crust

A picture I took with my daughter at
the Fall Festival for kiddos with Autism

Yes I took a bite before I took the picture!
Shazzie's pate' stuffed in tomatoes with olives and sprouts and flax/onion crackers

My Green Smoothie 5 day extravaganza starts tomorrow! Thought I wouldn't do it??? I'm so excited..... I have to go to the store and get supplies after I drop Tootsie Pop at her special education school (she goes for 2.5 hrs) . Today I "flipped" my bagels in the dehydrator and they smell FANTASTIC!! I will use Gela & Matt's recipe for cream cheese. I am very excited to see how it tastes, but it will have to wait until AFTER the 5 day green smoothie feast. Today I took my cacao/flax/walnut crackers out and I devoured them!!! I covered them in almond butter, honey and strawberries. Wooooooooowwwwwwwwww.

I'm off to bed...haven't been sleeping much lately, but am going to change all of that. This weekend I will be posting some very motivational stuff so keep tuned....the spirit of the universe is moving me in that direction.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fitness Tips, Storms, Autism, Raw Love

Oh...I wear this ribbon proudly :) Actually I wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a watch AND ring!!!!!!! No...seriously I do :)
Before I start my post, be sure to check out the new cool things I've added to the and whatnot. Also, I've updated the rawsome blogs, but not the cool websites. ONE thing...ONE day at a time.

Today was another busy day. Up at 7.....ran Tootsie Pop to Music Therapy for 8....then home for 9:30. 2 therapist came over until 12:30. Back in the car to an evaluation for Physical Therapy....ah ya ya..... It was super easy to be raw-on-the-go. I grab a few flax/onion bread crackers.....1 avocado....a quick smoothie and some fruit. Out the door I went!

Starting on Thursday-Monday I am going on a green smoothie feast! I am SUPER excited about it and I know know know know I can do it! This is NOT a matter of will power or any other such nonsense.... a person is either ready or they are not. I am ready for this. I am researching great green smoothie recipes and I will blog EVERY DAY and ensure that I keep you all detailed about what's going on. Also for those who emailed me.....starting Thursday with the green smoothie goodness 5 days, I will start to re-post my menu. Some of you mentioned that it really helped you out with ideas and I am hoping to provide inspiration in any way that I can. Because what I have learned from this journey INTO THE RAW is that we pick up snidbits from everyone in the community and compile it to see what works best for us and then we plan our own raw destiny. So hopefully my blog and my menus can help motivate and inspire others. ESPECIALLY moms and people on budgets. The reason that I say that is because those are usually (in my experience) the people who feel like they CAN'T be raw b/c "life" is in the way and I want to assure them that they (and you) can do W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R you set your mind too.

Speaking of which...I am in the process of visualizing some amazing things coming into my life. Though I can't mention what they are yet,,,, please take a few seconds and focus positivity this way for me.....let's all take a few seconds...........ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........ahhhhhhhh
Thanks ;-)

Today I made cacao/flax crackers. When I take them out of the dehydrator tomorrow and taste them, I'll let you know what I think of them and then I promise to share the recipe. ANYway that I can get in superfoods while out and about is a +plus in my book!

I have some new ideas about my raw journey. Well, as I mentioned on Thursday I start the green smoothie goodness 5 day extravaganza....but I am going to ensure that I have one green smoothie everyday for breakfast from here on out. At one point I was really great about doing that, but then I got sooooo comfortable in my raw lifestyle (almost four months at 100% ) that I slowly got back into "breakfast" type raw breakfasts. They aren't anywhere near as fulfilling as drinking a raw smoothie/juice on an empty stomach. Also, I am back rebounding and with a 3 year old kiddo with Autism...rebounding in an open room isn't only nearly impossible, it's dangerous! What I have learned to do is to get rid of any ideas of perfection and just do what fits for my life and lifestyle. There is no one (that matters:) sitting in judgment of everything I do. I DESIGN THIS! I write the pages inside the chapters of the book of my life. With that short monologue behind me, I can get on the rebounder WITH my daughter and put on a few good tunes and get in a good 15 minutes of rebounding (with 10 sec breaks in between). That is pretty darn great I believe! So all of you at home/work/library reading this who normally do NOT have distraction this is your wake up call to get off your butt and just do it!!! Sneak in a few pushups on your knees...reverse over and get in a few ab around as if you are a disco club and just let loose b/c if my family journey through Hurricane Katrina and my daughter's battle with Autism have taught me is that LIFE IS happening N-O-W! NOT tomorrow....NOT after you lose the 30#......NOT after you get the significant other of your dreams.....but right now. Life is happening in the moments that most miss b/c they are yelling at the driver in front of them for cutting them off while their kids sit terrified in the backseat when they could show compassion for that "hurried" soul and teach their kids ANOTHER lesson. Life is happening when you wake up with a tummy ache 15 minutes late and can't find your keys. Life is happening when an old friend calls while you are swamped with work/home life and you don't pick up. Point is::::: LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW!!!!!!! And I feel so blessed to be living mine. Don't you?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sneaking Superfoods and Preparing for the Holidays

So far today has been glorious!! Tiny tot and I spent the day with her TSS here at home. I had tons of structured things planned and then we went out into the East Coast Fall weather. I served her TSS her soup that she brought for lunch and I "snuck" a sprouted flax cracker on her plate She LOVED it! Then we had raw banana ice cream with mesquite powder/walnuts.

My tiny tot had a blast. I am TRULY considering homeschooling from here on out. She belongs home with me. She attends special education school 2 mornings a week only and that is enough. The REAL learning happens at home anyway. So, one step at a time....

I am enjoying yet another banana/cream cheese bread courtesy of Angela & Matt....yummmmmmmmm..... I've been loading up on smoothies...sprouts.....flax crackers and delicious yummy raw treats made at home with love.

I have been researching holiday recipe ideas. Tiny tot and I are traveling South back home to New Orleans for Thanksgiving and my mom and I are going to have a raw Thanksgiving. I think that she will eat SOME of the vegan cooked food as well......that's's a part of her journey. I however am going to have a 100% raw Thanksgiving and I am excited about what I am going to prepare. For one of the first times I am more excited about PREPARING my holiday meal with love than I am with EATING it. I am NOT AT ALL concerned about "gaining over the holidays". I rarely step on the scale. I just feel amazing and that is what matters and the ONLY thing that matters.
SO.... I sprouted some wheat berries and they are in the fridge. I have a container of onion crackers......I made a wonderful sprouted/flax/red pepper pizza crust....WONDERFUL. It's easy and great. I have learned on my raw journey that it's important to be prepared! I always have flax crackers somewhere. For those who will email about flax cracker recipes .....the wonderful thing about flax crackers is that you can make them ANYWAY that you want to. I am going to try something new this weekend coming up ...... I am going to try flax/oat groat/raisin/walnut/honey/nutmeg crackers.... Does it sounds delicious???? YES.... I know ;-)
I am also going to try to make a raw caramel sauce and dip the apples and roll them in crushed walnuts for my version of caramel apples!!!!!!!! I will be sure to post the photos and tell you if they come out deliciously which I'm sure they will.

I'm off to enjoy my time alone....ahhhhhhhh.....and prepare Tiny Tot her dinner. BTW.I'm working on getting more raw food into her....I am not sure why it is so difficult to do, but it is. I'm focusing my energy on envisioning her loving the raw foods that I present to her.....ah the power of visualization.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Loving Raw Food

This weekend I have been breathing in the new Fall weather and feeling great. I have been enjoying some new lovely raw dishes and just feeling tons of raw love from the community. My body is loaded with superfoods and I am enjoying my journey .....this process of self-discovery is ever so important and need not be rushed. I am taking my time to exhale into the glory of my life. Some people tell me how sorry they are that my daugher has Autism...or how sorry they are that my family went through Hurricane Katrina. I am NOT sorry about my daughter having Autism. She is a unique and special little girl and for every second that she spends "engaged" in my world is a blessings...NOT a curse.

Last nite for dinner and today for lunch I have enjoyed Shazzie's Sunflower Seed Pate'......oh wow! My Vitamix keeps cutting off on me to "cool" down.....any advice/tips on why that happens and how to prevent it from happening again? Well this pate is made with ....

*2c sunflower seeds (I soaked them and then dehydrated them)
*1/2 red onion
*1/2 red bell pepper
*2 tsps paprika
*sea salt
*fresh basil
*1 c hempseeds

Oh myyyyyy....I took 2 organic beef tomatoes and scooped out the insides and stuffed the pate' in the tomato. then...,I cut the tomatoes in half and put sliced olives on top. I enjoyed it with 1 slice of onion cracker. YES it is VERY VERY heavy, but I am looking for tasty, inexpensive ideas to get me through the winter. If you are looking for hempseeds and can't find them...look no more! Pick up a few HERE at Angela Stokes' RawReform store.

Today, Kennedy and I made some Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops....I found the recipe while surfing late last nite,.....and forgot to write the original author. So as not to copy anyone's recipe without citing them....I will give you the NEW recipe. I took the old recipe and added more ingredients. The first batch weren't sweet or fruity goes.....

Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops

*1 avocado's flesh
*2 ripe bananas
*1/4c cacao
*3 soaked soft dates
*1/4c agave or honey

Pour into mold and freeze over nite....this is an EASY kid-friendly snack for all year old. Who doesn't love ice cream EVEN in the winter? Also a great way to sneak in MORE superfoods.....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Superfoods are for Real

If you want to get into superfoods and don't understand or know why they are VITALLY important to our bodies and this planet, please watch Shazzie's wonderful youtube videos about them...there are 4 in total

I was soooooo inspired by these I had to share. I've watched them a zillion times (found them a short while ago)...Hope it inspires you too!

Superfoods show me the way....

Gela & Matt's Banana Bread
Picture of the same loaf with a different angle.
I will post a pic of it with the frosting..
A sure winter staple

My daughter as a "Princess/Witch" trick or treating!

Today was a wonderfully chilly October Fall Day on the East Coast. I (as usual) have a zillion things to do and I decided to take 2 hrs "off" and went to the only raw cafe in town and enjoyed a delicious smoothie, salad, pizza, and banana coconut pie....yummmmmmyyyyy.... Of course it was way too early in the morning for all the combinations and I felt TERRIBLE afterwards! Before I went, my first mind told me to just go home and make something myself....note to self: "LISTEN to your first mind!"

I am sore from my workout yesterday. OUCH! My pecs and biceps are screaming. I had been off my program lately, and am back on track now and I am tearing and rebuilding all of that muscle again. The universe is continuously reinforcing that my decision to stay raw is the absolute right thing for ME. I know that a part of all of the turmoil was my constant desire to feel that things have to be done perfectly whatever that even means. Well I do know this: Everything I need to succeed or fail at life is already inside of me. The power is all in my mind. Being raw isn't a test of will and it never has been for me. I don't want to exist in any capacity feeling like I'm winning a battle of some sort. Truth is...cooked food doesn't really appeal to me and raw food doesssssssss...................So I am going to exhale into the beauty of this day.

Right now I am drinking a wonderful try it...

Burgundy Bliss Drink
*large handful gogi berries
*9oz water
*1.5 c frozen strawberries
*2 tsps E3 Renew Me
*1tbsp of the all powerful maca

This smoothie is fantastically full of superfoods and will make you feel amazing. I am buzzing right now.....which is great b/c my daughter is up and ready for an afternoon of adventure.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Mind is Made Up!!! I'm back up high....

I feel great....I feel ecstatic....I feel love.... OKay, YES I have had massive amounts of superfoods in the past hour, but I realized (thanks Kellee & Gela) that it's alllllllll in the mind. I have been manifesting cooked thoughts....and YES my budget has decreased substantially because my daughter's condition has gotten more serious and more money needs to go to her therapy and well-beings, but I can and have found cheaper ways to be raw and feel vibrant and wonderful. BIG SHOUT OUT TO ANGELA & MATT (p.s. YOU know why ;-)

For all those who sent wonderfully inspiring, insightful emails...goddess bless you.. (Tai-Kiah, Lauren, Kellee, Angela & Matt) I am SOOOOOOOOOO grateful to the universe for you. On this nite of the full moon....I realized something so simple. When I decided to go 100% raw, it was a flip of the switch. Okay....let me explain a bit...NO I didn't go 100% overnite like so many others. I was medium raw (hahaha) and then high raw for 4 years. I've been 100% for several months now. I feel AMAZING. NO I am not so worried about a few pickles...other "small" things either, but before I went 100%, I tried to do it several times and then I settled into a nice high-raw routine. One day this summer (after a bad vegan cooked food binge) I just woke and said, "I'm 100% raw".... NOT , "I will try to be 100% raw"...."I AM 100% raw!" Literally it was that easy. I haven't had any cravings or strong desires for particular cooked vegan food meals...though I sometimes remember the tastes of certain vegan cooked foods.... I never really entertain the thought of eating's totally unappealing....

With that said, I didn't want to manifest cooked food into my life. I realized that I do NOT WANT it. I'm not sure what brought all this on. Perhaps it is all that I am dealing with my daughter's new illness and it's complexity...our long standing fight and struggle with Autism....and I just wanted something that I thought will "Fill" me up...but the truth is..........................

While raw...I feel AMAZING.....and fantastic......ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........
So my plans are to ...
*Eat massive amounts of superfoods daily
*Enjoy sprouts...inexpensive and nutritious
*Remember why I LOVE LOVE LOVE being raw....

So I am back on I write this, I'm eating Gela's raw banana bread.....smelling Rawvolution's onion bread in my dehydrator and excited about tomorrow's delights of raw vegan treats that await my palate. However, if anyone else has tips on how to make raw affordable or tips for the winter..I'm still open.............:-)
I'm so grateful to the universe....

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Struggling....It's all in the Mind

My brain is overwhelmed. Why am I having such a struggle with choosing some cooked vs. 100% raw. I know that a part of it has to do with the fact that I don't want to feel like a failure or like I have given up on something that I have chosen to do. I can't believe this is so hard for me. Truth is that I don't want to eat cooked food...I want to find a way that I can feel full and satisfied in a HEALTHY way and still eat about 90-100% raw food. SO I have some goals...some plans....courtesy of the very lovely Angela Stokes, I have developed a plan to figure this all out...
*I am going to include more nutrient dense/satisfying superfoods into my diet
*Eat some less expensive, yet nutritious foods.

I am going to be gentle on myself. I know that my thoughts manifest my life, so I want to stop thinking about cooked food and just try to be as natural as possible. I do NOT want to turn into a womyn who is constantly beating herself up about being perfectly 100% ANYTHING. So I am going to try my new tips and if I really think eating cooked VEGAN WHOLE FOODS is going to make my life in anyway easier....I am going to go for it....ahhhhh.....One step at a time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

90% Raw?

ARGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the sound of my frustration. I have not eaten anything cooked, but I am seriously entertaining the idea. I just feel HUNGRY! I am not being a healthy raw fooder these days. I am eating too many nuts and too much junky raw food. I am not proud of myself. Why am I feeling so badly about my "decision"? Usually people go off of raw food b/c they fall prey to some alluring cooked food product. Here I am choosing to eat cooked. Am I insane?

I am nervous about losing my "raw high" and I am really racking my brain about how I can eat more raw food to feel fuller without spending more money that I don't have. I can honestly say that I am so stumped. I am not sure what I am going to do. I want to make an informed decision and not JUMP into cooked by grabbing a veggie burger...NO! that would be BAD!.

I'm off to ponder all of these heavy thoughts....and yes I am hungry right now!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Time for a New Start

I think that it's very important to re-review your life goals and to really remember why you do the things that you do. I am always working for my daughter and fighting for her in the world of Autism, but sometimes I forget to work that hard for myself. I grew up VERY differently than how I am living my life right now and the person that I have become sometimes needs a refreshers course. So the rest of this week is about new beginning and visualizing the person that I want to be.

I have come up with a list of things to do each day that will help me reach my goals. Today I'll be trying out my new program and will report on how it goes later. I will also begin blogging my food again. I am ready for this next phase and super excited about what life has to throw my way now that I am fully engaged again.

I am back well on my way to becoming an ecstatic superbeing. The only way that I can handle my demanding life (living far away from all my family, writing a thesis, dealing with my daughter's Autism and 7 therapies, my husband's new law career) is to catapult myself into a state of superbeing where I live on the best food on the planet, get enough sunshine (hard to do on the East coast in a few months), exercise, meditate, journal and take time everyday to listen to positive messages from others.

So as you can see I am fully engaged today.....holding my breath waiting for the moment that I can just let it all go.

Today will be a marvelous day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where have I been?

Okay. A ton has happened. I started my juice feast.....2.5 days later...I ended my juice feast. I wasn't emotionally prepared. I kept my food journal until 3 days ago then I stopped that too. I started NOT feeling like myself. I fell off the wagon :( I am still 100% raw, I am just NOT eating all. I have major food issues and I have stopped doing what it takes to make sure that I eat in a controlled and healthy way. Ahhhhh....... feels good to get this out finally. I did what I normally do and I went into hiding. I stopped emailing/ stopped blogging and just fell into a bubble with tonssss of nuts....tons of avocados and now I am bloated and my stomach is killing me! What I have learned thus far is that this is still a process and you HAVE to be prepared emotionally more so than physically for it. I have learned that if you don't actively stay engaged in your moment you can easily be swept under the current of bad eating and emotional eating.
I am being gentle with myself. I know what I have to do to get and stay on track...I just need to do it. Aside from the bloated feeling, I feel strong and ready to take on the world.

Well, I have made some new resolutions for myself and I honestly believe that they will get me back on track. I had to sit and journal and remember what I did when I was feeling my healthiest and happiest.
I ....
*wrote in my journal every day
*meditated everyday
*listened to inspirational music/motivational speakers
*made a food plan and stuck to it.
*monitored my weight/physical activity
So I guess it's time to get back to it. Tomorrow is a new day.


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