Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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Oh...I wear this ribbon proudly :) Actually I wear earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a watch AND ring!!!!!!! No...seriously I do :)
Before I start my post, be sure to check out the new cool things I've added to the blog...photos and whatnot. Also, I've updated the rawsome blogs, but not the cool websites. ONE thing...ONE day at a time.

Today was another busy day. Up at 7.....ran Tootsie Pop to Music Therapy for 8....then home for 9:30. 2 therapist came over until 12:30. Back in the car to an evaluation for Physical Therapy....ah ya ya..... It was super easy to be raw-on-the-go. I grab a few flax/onion bread crackers.....1 avocado....a quick smoothie and some fruit. Out the door I went!

Starting on Thursday-Monday I am going on a green smoothie feast! I am SUPER excited about it and I know know know know I can do it! This is NOT a matter of will power or any other such nonsense.... a person is either ready or they are not. I am ready for this. I am researching great green smoothie recipes and I will blog EVERY DAY and ensure that I keep you all detailed about what's going on. Also for those who emailed me.....starting Thursday with the green smoothie goodness 5 days, I will start to re-post my menu. Some of you mentioned that it really helped you out with ideas and I am hoping to provide inspiration in any way that I can. Because what I have learned from this journey INTO THE RAW is that we pick up snidbits from everyone in the community and compile it to see what works best for us and then we plan our own raw destiny. So hopefully my blog and my menus can help motivate and inspire others. ESPECIALLY moms and people on budgets. The reason that I say that is because those are usually (in my experience) the people who feel like they CAN'T be raw b/c "life" is in the way and I want to assure them that they (and you) can do W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R you set your mind too.

Speaking of which...I am in the process of visualizing some amazing things coming into my life. Though I can't mention what they are yet,,,, please take a few seconds and focus positivity this way for me.....let's all take a few seconds...........ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........ahhhhhhhh
Thanks ;-)

Today I made cacao/flax crackers. When I take them out of the dehydrator tomorrow and taste them, I'll let you know what I think of them and then I promise to share the recipe. ANYway that I can get in superfoods while out and about is a +plus in my book!

I have some new ideas about my raw journey. Well, as I mentioned on Thursday I start the green smoothie goodness 5 day extravaganza....but I am going to ensure that I have one green smoothie everyday for breakfast from here on out. At one point I was really great about doing that, but then I got sooooo comfortable in my raw lifestyle (almost four months at 100% ) that I slowly got back into "breakfast" type raw breakfasts. They aren't anywhere near as fulfilling as drinking a raw smoothie/juice on an empty stomach. Also, I am back rebounding and with a 3 year old kiddo with Autism...rebounding in an open room isn't only nearly impossible, it's dangerous! What I have learned to do is to get rid of any ideas of perfection and just do what fits for my life and lifestyle. There is no one (that matters:) sitting in judgment of everything I do. I DESIGN THIS! I write the pages inside the chapters of the book of my life. With that short monologue behind me, I can get on the rebounder WITH my daughter and put on a few good tunes and get in a good 15 minutes of rebounding (with 10 sec breaks in between). That is pretty darn great I believe! So all of you at home/work/library reading this who normally do NOT have distraction this is your wake up call to get off your butt and just do it!!! Sneak in a few pushups on your knees...reverse over and get in a few ab exercises....dance around as if you are a disco club and just let loose b/c if my family journey through Hurricane Katrina and my daughter's battle with Autism have taught me anything....it is that LIFE IS happening N-O-W! NOT tomorrow....NOT after you lose the 30#......NOT after you get the significant other of your dreams.....but right now. Life is happening in the moments that most miss b/c they are yelling at the driver in front of them for cutting them off while their kids sit terrified in the backseat when they could show compassion for that "hurried" soul and teach their kids ANOTHER lesson. Life is happening when you wake up with a tummy ache 15 minutes late and can't find your keys. Life is happening when an old friend calls while you are swamped with work/home life and you don't pick up. Point is::::: LIFE IS HAPPENING NOW!!!!!!! And I feel so blessed to be living mine. Don't you?


Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!!!

sejuwan said...

Keep up the great work! Is your daughter on raw food? If so, how you seen any changes? I have a friend with a child that may have Autism. It is hard to find a lot of research on Autism and raw food. Thanks!

SHAUN T said...

Hi There ,
Single Unfitnewrawdad here
I have just started a Raw Diet for my 7 yo ASD prince and myself. It's been amazing Austin (my prince) has gained over 2 kilos in a month ,communicating more, calmer, stopped biting himself and everyday just gets better and better, So far we are onsprouts,salads,soups,juices and smoothies.
I was also able to notice that Austin was having a huge problem with oxalates and now have him on a Low Oxalate Raw Diet which is working already. All the best to you and your Princess.
Shaun and the Prince

RawFitMama said...

Shaun T- EMAIL ME!!! Congrats on making this change and doing this research for your child. You are an amazing man!

Email me!!! I'm so excited for you too. My regards to the prince ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just found your lovely blog. I am wondering if you have noticed an improvement in your autistic daughter's autistic symptoms since starting the raw foods diet. I have a child recently diagnosed.

RawFitMama said...

Hi. Email me and let's chat! My daughter isn't 100% raw yet...but drastic improvements have been made and I attribute most of it to the diet she's on... email me!!!

Monica said...

Hi. Thanks for sharing your story. Your daughter is beautiful. I have a 5 yr old daughter who is severely autistic and has a very limited diet. I really want to put her on a raw food diet and would love to hear your experience with your daughter and her diet.

Anonymous said...

I have an almost 6 yr old ASD, non-verbal son. We have tried so many diets, GFCF, Low Oxalate, Feingold and NOW Raw Food Diet. He is doing so well and he has been 100% raw for one week. Since he is Low oxalate, the choices are few. I belong to Trying Low Oxalates message board....Are you there too???

Fitness bench said...

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