Friday, October 26, 2007

Superfoods show me the way....

Gela & Matt's Banana Bread
Picture of the same loaf with a different angle.
I will post a pic of it with the frosting..
A sure winter staple

My daughter as a "Princess/Witch" trick or treating!

Today was a wonderfully chilly October Fall Day on the East Coast. I (as usual) have a zillion things to do and I decided to take 2 hrs "off" and went to the only raw cafe in town and enjoyed a delicious smoothie, salad, pizza, and banana coconut pie....yummmmmmyyyyy.... Of course it was way too early in the morning for all the combinations and I felt TERRIBLE afterwards! Before I went, my first mind told me to just go home and make something myself....note to self: "LISTEN to your first mind!"

I am sore from my workout yesterday. OUCH! My pecs and biceps are screaming. I had been off my program lately, and am back on track now and I am tearing and rebuilding all of that muscle again. The universe is continuously reinforcing that my decision to stay raw is the absolute right thing for ME. I know that a part of all of the turmoil was my constant desire to feel that things have to be done perfectly whatever that even means. Well I do know this: Everything I need to succeed or fail at life is already inside of me. The power is all in my mind. Being raw isn't a test of will and it never has been for me. I don't want to exist in any capacity feeling like I'm winning a battle of some sort. Truth is...cooked food doesn't really appeal to me and raw food doesssssssss...................So I am going to exhale into the beauty of this day.

Right now I am drinking a wonderful try it...

Burgundy Bliss Drink
*large handful gogi berries
*9oz water
*1.5 c frozen strawberries
*2 tsps E3 Renew Me
*1tbsp of the all powerful maca

This smoothie is fantastically full of superfoods and will make you feel amazing. I am buzzing right now.....which is great b/c my daughter is up and ready for an afternoon of adventure.


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