Sunday, October 28, 2007

Loving Raw Food

This weekend I have been breathing in the new Fall weather and feeling great. I have been enjoying some new lovely raw dishes and just feeling tons of raw love from the community. My body is loaded with superfoods and I am enjoying my journey .....this process of self-discovery is ever so important and need not be rushed. I am taking my time to exhale into the glory of my life. Some people tell me how sorry they are that my daugher has Autism...or how sorry they are that my family went through Hurricane Katrina. I am NOT sorry about my daughter having Autism. She is a unique and special little girl and for every second that she spends "engaged" in my world is a blessings...NOT a curse.

Last nite for dinner and today for lunch I have enjoyed Shazzie's Sunflower Seed Pate'......oh wow! My Vitamix keeps cutting off on me to "cool" down.....any advice/tips on why that happens and how to prevent it from happening again? Well this pate is made with ....

*2c sunflower seeds (I soaked them and then dehydrated them)
*1/2 red onion
*1/2 red bell pepper
*2 tsps paprika
*sea salt
*fresh basil
*1 c hempseeds

Oh myyyyyy....I took 2 organic beef tomatoes and scooped out the insides and stuffed the pate' in the tomato. then...,I cut the tomatoes in half and put sliced olives on top. I enjoyed it with 1 slice of onion cracker. YES it is VERY VERY heavy, but I am looking for tasty, inexpensive ideas to get me through the winter. If you are looking for hempseeds and can't find them...look no more! Pick up a few HERE at Angela Stokes' RawReform store.

Today, Kennedy and I made some Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops....I found the recipe while surfing late last nite,.....and forgot to write the original author. So as not to copy anyone's recipe without citing them....I will give you the NEW recipe. I took the old recipe and added more ingredients. The first batch weren't sweet or fruity goes.....

Cacao Avo-Banana Pudding Pops

*1 avocado's flesh
*2 ripe bananas
*1/4c cacao
*3 soaked soft dates
*1/4c agave or honey

Pour into mold and freeze over nite....this is an EASY kid-friendly snack for all year old. Who doesn't love ice cream EVEN in the winter? Also a great way to sneak in MORE superfoods.....


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