Monday, October 29, 2007

Sneaking Superfoods and Preparing for the Holidays

So far today has been glorious!! Tiny tot and I spent the day with her TSS here at home. I had tons of structured things planned and then we went out into the East Coast Fall weather. I served her TSS her soup that she brought for lunch and I "snuck" a sprouted flax cracker on her plate She LOVED it! Then we had raw banana ice cream with mesquite powder/walnuts.

My tiny tot had a blast. I am TRULY considering homeschooling from here on out. She belongs home with me. She attends special education school 2 mornings a week only and that is enough. The REAL learning happens at home anyway. So, one step at a time....

I am enjoying yet another banana/cream cheese bread courtesy of Angela & Matt....yummmmmmmmm..... I've been loading up on smoothies...sprouts.....flax crackers and delicious yummy raw treats made at home with love.

I have been researching holiday recipe ideas. Tiny tot and I are traveling South back home to New Orleans for Thanksgiving and my mom and I are going to have a raw Thanksgiving. I think that she will eat SOME of the vegan cooked food as well......that's's a part of her journey. I however am going to have a 100% raw Thanksgiving and I am excited about what I am going to prepare. For one of the first times I am more excited about PREPARING my holiday meal with love than I am with EATING it. I am NOT AT ALL concerned about "gaining over the holidays". I rarely step on the scale. I just feel amazing and that is what matters and the ONLY thing that matters.
SO.... I sprouted some wheat berries and they are in the fridge. I have a container of onion crackers......I made a wonderful sprouted/flax/red pepper pizza crust....WONDERFUL. It's easy and great. I have learned on my raw journey that it's important to be prepared! I always have flax crackers somewhere. For those who will email about flax cracker recipes .....the wonderful thing about flax crackers is that you can make them ANYWAY that you want to. I am going to try something new this weekend coming up ...... I am going to try flax/oat groat/raisin/walnut/honey/nutmeg crackers.... Does it sounds delicious???? YES.... I know ;-)
I am also going to try to make a raw caramel sauce and dip the apples and roll them in crushed walnuts for my version of caramel apples!!!!!!!! I will be sure to post the photos and tell you if they come out deliciously which I'm sure they will.

I'm off to enjoy my time alone....ahhhhhhhh.....and prepare Tiny Tot her dinner. BTW.I'm working on getting more raw food into her....I am not sure why it is so difficult to do, but it is. I'm focusing my energy on envisioning her loving the raw foods that I present to her.....ah the power of visualization.


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