Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Struggling....It's all in the Mind

My brain is overwhelmed. Why am I having such a struggle with choosing some cooked vs. 100% raw. I know that a part of it has to do with the fact that I don't want to feel like a failure or like I have given up on something that I have chosen to do. I can't believe this is so hard for me. Truth is that I don't want to eat cooked food...I want to find a way that I can feel full and satisfied in a HEALTHY way and still eat about 90-100% raw food. SO I have some goals...some plans....courtesy of the very lovely Angela Stokes, I have developed a plan to figure this all out...
*I am going to include more nutrient dense/satisfying superfoods into my diet
*Eat some less expensive, yet nutritious foods.

I am going to be gentle on myself. I know that my thoughts manifest my life, so I want to stop thinking about cooked food and just try to be as natural as possible. I do NOT want to turn into a womyn who is constantly beating herself up about being perfectly 100% ANYTHING. So I am going to try my new tips and if I really think eating cooked VEGAN WHOLE FOODS is going to make my life in anyway easier....I am going to go for it....ahhhhh.....One step at a time.


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