Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Where have I been?

Okay. A ton has happened. I started my juice feast.....2.5 days later...I ended my juice feast. I wasn't emotionally prepared. I kept my food journal until 3 days ago then I stopped that too. I started NOT feeling like myself. I fell off the wagon :( I am still 100% raw, I am just NOT eating well..at all. I have major food issues and I have stopped doing what it takes to make sure that I eat in a controlled and healthy way. Ahhhhh....... feels good to get this out finally. I did what I normally do and I went into hiding. I stopped emailing/ stopped blogging and just fell into a bubble with tonssss of nuts....tons of avocados and now I am bloated and my stomach is killing me! What I have learned thus far is that this is still a process and you HAVE to be prepared emotionally more so than physically for it. I have learned that if you don't actively stay engaged in your moment you can easily be swept under the current of bad eating and emotional eating.
I am being gentle with myself. I know what I have to do to get and stay on track...I just need to do it. Aside from the bloated feeling, I feel strong and ready to take on the world.

Well, I have made some new resolutions for myself and I honestly believe that they will get me back on track. I had to sit and journal and remember what I did when I was feeling my healthiest and happiest.
I ....
*wrote in my journal every day
*meditated everyday
*listened to inspirational music/motivational speakers
*made a food plan and stuck to it.
*monitored my weight/physical activity
So I guess it's time to get back to it. Tomorrow is a new day.


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