Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's Get Fit!!

Okay.... I have finally moved over the hump of losing my son and I am standing in the sunlight of my todays and tomorrows. With that said....TA DAH!!! Fitness wagon here I COME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say love?) working out and I am back into the spirit of things. I will be posting much much more about fitness. Continue to keep sending love my way as I am working on some things....all in due time....

On November 12, 2007 I ate...
smoothie: fresh strawberries/fresh spinach/frozen bananas
almond mylk/frozen strawberries/banana
flax/onion crackers sunflower seed pate' olives dulse
raw banana ice cream with awesome cacao
32 oz water
smoothie: frozen blueberries/banana/straw/organic hempseeds/agave 1 fresh banana
smoothie: chia soaked blended with frozen banana/straw/water/agave banana

Speaking of fitness, I have this goal to get in what I'm calling "sneaky" fitness. It is crafty, devious ways of getting in exercise ALL throughout the day. Now that my beloved Kennedy is homeschooled (she only went to private school for about 3-4 weeks..3 mornings...) my time is extremely limited. I have to find ways of getting things in with a limited amount of time. This week's FAVORITE exercise is the stomach vacuums! I ABSOLUTELY love these and once you train yourself with them, you can literally perform them anywhere. I'm doing them right now!!!! They are a fab way to shrink your waistline and give you abdominal strength which transfers over into better posture, a stronger CORE overall, and higher fitness level.

My fitness goals are many! And before the pregnancy, I was well on my way to being where I wanted. Now that I am back on the Fit Train, there is NO stopping me. NOW is the best time really start getting yourself together fitness wise, b/c you can starve off those unwanted holiday pounds (or at least keep them at bay) while increasing your strength/muscular endurance as well as, cardiovascular endurance. Training and fitness are a true true true love of mine. Nothing is better than coupling raw food with fitness, I truly do believe that.

In that spirit, I am dreaming up and beginning to work on making some of those dreams come true. My new motto is, "All things in due time". Please send blessings/positive energy my way. I have a vision for my life, YOUR LIFE, the planet and It WILL be realized. I receive a great deal of emails from people who feel lost, with nowhere to turn and they are so confused about raw food...confused about fitness (lift weights vs cardio....sagging skin). Well, I am not a preacher. I HAVE been there. I have lost over 60+ pounds on my short 5'0" frame. I KNOW the devastation you feel....the hopelessness....the confusion. So, with all that in mind, I am trying to find a way to put together something that I think will really help those it is meant to help. I am the real deal (how modest was that?:-)

On November `13, 2007
lemon water
smoothie: frozen banana/blueberries/straw/water/agave/organic hemp protein
smoothie: frozen banana/straw/blueberries/chia /agave/almond mylk
2 slices bananas bread /cream cheese
lemon water
smoothie: banana/straw/blueberries/agave/almond mylk/raw power green superfood

I have some questions from the most fabulous magazine EVER....Oxygen Magazine! that you can ask yourself if you are serious about fitness!
1. Write down three things you can do first thing each morning to better care for your body (walking to work, meditating, drinking a glass of water instead of on).

2. How an yo learn to accept the highs and the lows of your life journey? What do you do to cheer yourself you and motivate yourself further?

3. Think about a few ways you can push yourself to do more. What can you do to start challenging yourself in small ways (for example, increase the distance you walk each day).

4. What can you do to make more time for yourself? What can you do with that time to improve your skills?

5. What are you good at? What are you best at? Is there anything you're good at that you can be best at? How can you get there?

With these questions in mind, start today! NOT after the! Get serious about raw foods and serious about changing your body.

On November 14, 2007 I ate....
green smoothie: 1 qt spinach/straw/banana/tons of organic hempseeds
1/2 banana
banana bread with 1 banana
16 oz water
banana bread
smoothie: chia seedsalmond mylk/frozen strawberries/blueberries/banana
banana bread
16 oz
banana bread
smoothie: 1 qt cacao!/banana/almond mylk/agave

I am going to enjoy this chilly, freezing, Thursday afternoon and gather myself together before Kennedy gets up from her much needed nap.....

In light and love,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Seeking abundance and breathing into life

I feel like I have so many things that need to be done, yet I don't know where to start. When I get these overwhelming feelings I know that it's time to sit down, journal and take a deep breath. When I am not "focused" things go undone, pile up and lead to stress. So I am sitting down and making my undone lists and starting to work on things. It's not that I don't work on stuff, it's that I have so many "pots in the fire" no one of them can get hot enough to cook anything! (Did you follow that? Downsouth lingo:)

On November 9, 2007 I ate...
16oz water
fresh pineapple
smoothie ; pineapple/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
32oz water
slice banana bread/cream cheese
pate' stuffed tomatoes with olives on top
slice banana bread
green smoothie: spin/straw/banana HUGE ....yummmm
banana bread with raspberries

Good thing is that eating has been effortless. I mean it is just totally effortless. I am just eating what I want to eat and feeling great about that. I'm feeling good in my skin and great inside and out. I took everyone who offered me advice and with the guidance and wisdom of the lovely Angela. I have been eating a lot of nutrient dense foods and plenty of blended stuff to get in my nutrition. I feel really great. For a first time in a long time, my food addiction issues are totally under control. I know part of it is because I am charting everything that I eat. For those who have emailed and said that my menus are helping them in some way...I am sooooo grateful.Angela's menus used to and still do inspire and educate me. So I am so happy to be able to pay it forward.

On November 10, 2007 I ate...
Green juice: kale/lemon/apple
smoothie: green juice and 2.5 bananas....smooth and creamy
banana bread with fresh pineapple
salad: red leaf lettuce/olves/hempseeds/lime/herbamare
flax onion crackers
smoothie: fresh raspberries/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
banana raw ice cream handful walnuts
32 oz water

People have been asking me if I believe that I'm eating "properly". hummmm.... I eat the way that feels right to me on any given day/situation. I have had serious food addictions and issues that I am very upfront about and I am aware that sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. However, I am much smarter and more intune with me, so I can feel when these episodes are happening. Usually they happen during times of extreme stress.

November 11, 2007 (my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I ate...
Smoothie: green superfood/2 bananas/frozen pineapples/almond mylk
8oz green juice: kale/lemon/apple
1 slice banana bread
2 slices banana bread with a smoothie: pineapples/banana/maca/almond mylk
banana bread with cream cheese
TONS of fresh pineapple
2 bananas

I ate soooooo much banana bread on this day, b/c I was on the go. In this cold, it travels very very well. When accompanied with a banana, it can keep you full for quite some time. At this time of year with ripping and running from here to there, it's important to find ways that make it easy to travel while raw without compromising your health or nutrition.

I have SO much on my plate right now that this is a fairly easy time for me to get overwhelmed and stressed. My stresses have nothing to do with holiday party planning or Christmas shopping, but with homeschooling, therapies, blood work, lab tests.....ahhhhh....just taking a deep breath. As I am getting back into the spirit of my life, I am knowing that all things are perfectly fine the way that they are. There is only so much that I can do from day to day and so long as I persevere toward my goals and towards accomplishing something, I feel great. I know that within a given day I have done everything that I can to make my daughter have amazingly wonderful fantastically engaged days and that means more to me than anything else. The paperwork, the goals, the degree, it all has to take a backseat to our health and happiness. One day at a time...engaged and active is my motto.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Moon in Scorpio....Change and Winter Raw Foods

On November 6, 2007 I ate.....

16 oz water
1 apple
smoothie: spinach/straw/banana
flax crackers with cacao and 2 bananas
choc flax bagel on the run
1/2 sheet of choc flax crackers and a banana
48 oz water
4 oz fresh cranberry juice
flax crackers and a banana
cacao/flax cracker with almond butter and banana

On days like the one above when I am really on the run....I grab a TON of flax crackers...some bananas...and water and hit the road. When I get home I try to get in some "fresh" water filled drinks and foods.

On November 7, 2007 I ate...

16 oz water
cacao/flax bagel flax crackers bananas
smoothie: fresh strawberries maca banana smoothie
bananas and bowl of almonds
smoothie: cacao/banana/almond mylk handful almonds

I was depressed yesterday. Just thought alot about my baby that is gone and fell into a funk. I could tell b/c I kept wanting nuts. My "monitored" food. Food addictions and issues come into play with plain nuts for me. When I truly caught myself sliding off the deep end, I put the nuts in water to make mylk.

Ohhhhhh, the changes that are happening right now in my life are phenomenal. Any and every chance that we get to make conscious changes in our lives can be deeply fulfilling. I have been manifesting abundance and peace/love/joy into my life and it is showing up. I have been moving through another phase in the grief over the loss of my child and I am stepping into the glory of a new light that is surrounding my life.

On November 8, 2007 I ate....
1 quart grapefruit juice
16 oz water
3 bananas almonds
32 oz water
smoothie: banana *unripe...yuck!* cacao ice water
16 oz water

I have been reading Lisa Dale Miller's astrology for a while now and I decided to post what she says about this new moon in Scorpio...

"The New Moon in Scorpio is the night to acknowledge the ways this questioning process manifests in your life. This is the most serious New Moon of the year. This is the night of truth and dare: dare to be truthful with yourself and you will greatly increase the rewards of this ritual. This year, the heavens are providing a container for loving, compassionate insights with a grand water trine between Sun/Moon (ego and emotional needs) in Scorpio, Uranus (the awakener) in transcendent Pisces, Mars (self-directed action) in compassionate, loving Cancer.
Though the Sun/Moon conjunction in Scorpio shows us our egoic and emotional desire to remain in control and maintain positions of power, an especially philosophical and blissful Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius and Mercury (mind)/Venus (heart) in relational Libra, will lend a gentleness to Scorpio's ability to strip away layers of lies we tell ourselves in order to protect our own selfish interests. So, truth-telling will be real, but tempered with love on this New Moon in Scorpio. Hopefully the intensity of ritual work that usually characterizes a New Moon in Scorpio will be accompanied by a feeling of coming home to our essential goodness. These planetary aspects will deepen the intensity of your ritual, as well as all actions taken in support of your intentions during the two week waxing phase of the Moon"

With that in mind....I can understand how and why suddenly now I feel the shifts that I do. I am embracing the changes. Change is good...even when it feels difficult to do.

I have been enjoying the ease of being raw and I have come up with a system of sorts. Firstly, Tootsie Pop helps me in the kitchen WHENever I am in there! I am not one of those "get out of here, it's too hot" kinda moms. I incorporate her into everything that I do that doesn't pose a danger to her (food processor, cutting...etc). Today when she went to school I only have 1 hour and 45 mins when she goes after my driving time to and from. I used every second and made...onion bread...almond mylk....sunflower/hemp pate'....banana bread and cream cheese.....a smoothie. I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. NOW that she's home and it's icy/rainy outside she and I can just sit and enjoy one another. Maybe watch and dance to a Sesame Street! I figure that ONE day a week I will do major dehydrating/pate' making and then daily I can throw the juice/salads/other stuff. This raw lifestyle can be as difficult or easy as you want it to be!

At this time of year with the cold weather and holiday dishes, people are talking about temptation and challenges. I am only thinking of gourmet raw dishes and change. I don't see a challenge AT ALL. Not even a little bit. I am actually excited to go home to New Orleans and to be able to share all this wonderful raw holiday knowledge with my family. They are having some traditional New Orleans thanksgiving dishes (Gumbo included!) and I will have my WONDERFULLY FABULOUS feast of gourmet raw delights. I see that several people are selling holiday ebooks with recipes in them. I can't afford to purchase any of them, but I am just going to make the recipes that I have found and have a wonderfully joyous occasion of thanksgiving. No stress....that's one of the BEST things about this lifestyle. For ME this is NOT the raw food "Diet", it's my raw food "Lifestyle". It is WHO I am now....

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Saving money, learning lessons, taking breaks

Ahhhhhhhhhh..................the lessons in life that I have been learning are shaking my core. This is a good shake...a shaking awake! I am happy that I am learning these vital lessons. The truth is that the journey is tough, but most good things are. I've noticed that I am NOT drinking enough water, so I am reallllllyyyyyy going to focus on that. For that read my blog, please send some positivity my way...I could really use the energy right now.

On November 3, 2007 I ate....
8oz water
smoothie: lime/kale/bananas/apple
cacao/flax crackers and strawberries
bagel/with cream cheese
smoothie cacao/tbsp/banana/almond mylk
32oz water
chia seeds/goji berries/lucuma/bananas/almond mylk/lucuma
more of the same: chia seeds/goji/lucuma/bananas/almond mylk
1/4 cantaloupe
bagel with cream cheese

It is really chilly and windy here on the East Coast. I am enjoying the change. Just taking one smiling day at a time. I love when the season changes to Fall and everything begins to stand still. Being from the South, I miss the warmth of the sun at this time of the year, but the breezy chill of the North has begun to win me over.

On November 4, 2007 I ate......
smoothie: spinach/strawberries/bananas
1qt of green smoothie: spinach/strawberries/bananas
2 sheets raisin/walnut/flax/oat bread with cream cheese
smoothie:cacao/almond mylk/banana
chia seeds soaked in almond mylk/ 1 apple sliced up
32oz water
salad: lettuce/avocado/tomatoes/lime/herbamare
smoothie: water/frozen fruit/banana/lucuma/mesquite
smoothie:kale/lime/apple/frozen bananas
16 oz water

I have had a lot of time to think about doing raw less expensively. I have fallen into a rhythm. TONS of flax seeds...LOTS of sunflower seeds....sprouts...apples....bananas....oranges. Massive salads loaded with sea superfoods...lots of love. I feel great in my rhythm of raw.

On November 5, 2007 I ate...
banana ice cream with maca
smoothie: spinach/straw/frozen bananas
cacao banana ice cream with walnuts
flax crackers
romaine roll ups: guac/olives
cacao/sprout/flax cookie
16oz water
Flax crackers
1/2 pt strawberries few flax/superfood crackers
8 oz water

I'm off to get some much needed rest. I've been working on a birthday box for my mom....lots of creativity, lots of love.....I'm off to put more of it together.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Menus, Bees, Negative Energy and Superfoods!

As promised I will post all of my meals/food. I was supposed to start Thursday.....So here it goes...

On Nov 1st I ate... This was green smoothie day....
Smoothie (kale/lime/apple/banana (3), water
Smoothie (spinach/strawberry/3 bananas
2 bowls of frozen banana ice cream with green superfood

I've been enjoying my daughter a lot lately. The moments in between the moments are very important to me. Sometimes we forget that every second is precious and we can't remember how to pay attn at the seemingly insignificant moments. That is a gift that Autism gave me. It taught me how to celebrate every victory and see success in every tiny step. Thank you Autism .

On November 2nd I ate.....
Smoothie strawberry/banana/spinach
Smoothie : cacao/banana 2/ice
Bagels with cream cheese
32 oz water
bagels with cream cheese
salad: hempseeds/red leaf lettuce/1/2 avocado/ olives/lime/herb seasoning

BEFORE Gela gave this wonderful Chia Cheat Sheet, I have been enjoying the magnificent powers of the chia seed. I must say....I LOVE them!!! They are filling....full of nutrition and very complete. Now that I am really watching my grocery money, it is amazing to get the most bang for my buck with these... BTW I have never really liked that "bang for my buck" statement. Please grab a pound or few HERE . I just LOVE finding new ways to incorporate these superfood seeds into my smoothies and other dishes. Check them out, you WON'T regret it!!

On November 3rd I ate....
8oz water
Smoothie: lime/kale/3 bananas/1/2 apple
Cacao/flax crackers and strawberries
1 bagel with cream cheese
Smoothie: Cacao/ 2 bananas/1 c almond mylk/ice
32 oz water
Chia seeds/goji berries/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/ almond mylk
More chia seeds/goji/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/almond mylk
1/4 cantaloupe
1 bagel with cream cheese

I took my daughter to see The Bee Movie. We had a great time. This was the FIRST time she has ever been able to sit through an entire movie with typical children!! I was so happy I could cry. (Now do you see what I mean about celebrating everything like a victory?) She was so excited and I only had to say "Use your quiet voice" about 4 times!! She wants to go and see it that's what we will do after unschooling tomorrow!!

Someone has been trying to break my spirit lately. I know that the agreements that I have made in life let me know that this has a lot to do with me. Why am I attracting that negative energy? Why doesn't it seem like it'll go away? The answer is inside of me. So time for soul searching and "weeding" dangerous energy out of the garden of myself. This will be a busy week with many "challenges". I am ready for them all. I am going to enter into my tomorrow with a bright smile and great attitude. Today I have decided that NOTHING will get/keep me down......NOTHING.

I'm off to be blessed.

In light and love.....

Friday, November 2, 2007

Green Smoothies have come and gone yet are here to stay

Green mustache

Beautiful kale/lemon/apple smoothie

2 frozen bananas with green superfood

Last bits of spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie

I started my green smoothie days and I did it for 1.5 days !!!! I didn't "quit"...I just wanted to eat my bagels that I dehydrated a few days ago !!! It wasn't a big deal either. I realize that I DON'T want to eat oat groats!! They were in the more....I don't like how crunchy they made the bagels.....ouch.....and YES I did soak them overnite first. I just won't eat them anymore. It's a good idea too. With my daughter being GF/CF it makes more sense not to have Gluten anywhere near my food either and then she can pick and choose off of my plate!!!

I asked myself why I thought the green smoothie extravaganza was important. I realized that all I really wanted to do was to drink more green smoothies....duh.....I could have accomplished that withOUT drinking them for 5 days straight! Once I realized that...I drank the smoothies that I had in the fridge and waited about 1.5 hrs before I ate something solid. I don't really like limiting myself.....making it seem like I have to do something. Meaning, when I went on my proposed juice feast last month, all I really needed to do was really get back into juicing more heavily and for some reason I felt like I needed to have this "all or nothing" mentality. All juice or none at all? All green smoothies or none at all? I don't think so!! I don't know why I get into these all or nothing "it has to be perfect" phases, but they are proving to be shorter and shorter. That is great.

What I have learned in my past four months 100% is that I don't need to live up to any one's expectations of what RAW means for me. I can do this exactly how I see fit! Also, I've learned to take what I intend to be a part of the movement for me from those I admire and leave what doesn't suit me or my lifestyle. I've learned that I have goals and ambitions that are real and I am proud of myself for making this journey. I do NOT feel like a failure b/c I quit the juice feast or because I simply wanted my goodies today and decided after my green smoothies digested that I would have it. I am soooooooo proud that I am just letting my inner self run the show!!!

I have decided to do one green smoothie day every few weeks. I felt amazing yesterday. NO thoughts of solid food. Just craved the smoothies. My fridge is still loaded with ingredients and I will be enjoying green smoothies until noon for most of my days. I kinda got away from it and I think that the purpose of all of this was to get back into it!!

I have been doing some major focusing and visualizing lately. I can see exactly how I want things in my life to be and I am working towards my goal. I am NOT getting enough rest and therefore don't feel as ready to tackle my days. I know that without being raw I wouldn't be able to get ANY of what I am getting done completed, but I need a more focused plan. My exercising has been erratic. I know it's because I am feel so great in my skin, that I don't feel it emmergent to exercise, but it is SO vitally necessary to a healthy, happy body. I have been sneaking in some jumping on the rebounder with Tootsie Pop, but even that needs to be more consistent. So that's what I am working on...consistency in ALL areas of my life, meditative practice....


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