Friday, November 2, 2007

Green Smoothies have come and gone yet are here to stay

Green mustache

Beautiful kale/lemon/apple smoothie

2 frozen bananas with green superfood

Last bits of spinach/strawberry/banana smoothie

I started my green smoothie days and I did it for 1.5 days !!!! I didn't "quit"...I just wanted to eat my bagels that I dehydrated a few days ago !!! It wasn't a big deal either. I realize that I DON'T want to eat oat groats!! They were in the more....I don't like how crunchy they made the bagels.....ouch.....and YES I did soak them overnite first. I just won't eat them anymore. It's a good idea too. With my daughter being GF/CF it makes more sense not to have Gluten anywhere near my food either and then she can pick and choose off of my plate!!!

I asked myself why I thought the green smoothie extravaganza was important. I realized that all I really wanted to do was to drink more green smoothies....duh.....I could have accomplished that withOUT drinking them for 5 days straight! Once I realized that...I drank the smoothies that I had in the fridge and waited about 1.5 hrs before I ate something solid. I don't really like limiting myself.....making it seem like I have to do something. Meaning, when I went on my proposed juice feast last month, all I really needed to do was really get back into juicing more heavily and for some reason I felt like I needed to have this "all or nothing" mentality. All juice or none at all? All green smoothies or none at all? I don't think so!! I don't know why I get into these all or nothing "it has to be perfect" phases, but they are proving to be shorter and shorter. That is great.

What I have learned in my past four months 100% is that I don't need to live up to any one's expectations of what RAW means for me. I can do this exactly how I see fit! Also, I've learned to take what I intend to be a part of the movement for me from those I admire and leave what doesn't suit me or my lifestyle. I've learned that I have goals and ambitions that are real and I am proud of myself for making this journey. I do NOT feel like a failure b/c I quit the juice feast or because I simply wanted my goodies today and decided after my green smoothies digested that I would have it. I am soooooooo proud that I am just letting my inner self run the show!!!

I have decided to do one green smoothie day every few weeks. I felt amazing yesterday. NO thoughts of solid food. Just craved the smoothies. My fridge is still loaded with ingredients and I will be enjoying green smoothies until noon for most of my days. I kinda got away from it and I think that the purpose of all of this was to get back into it!!

I have been doing some major focusing and visualizing lately. I can see exactly how I want things in my life to be and I am working towards my goal. I am NOT getting enough rest and therefore don't feel as ready to tackle my days. I know that without being raw I wouldn't be able to get ANY of what I am getting done completed, but I need a more focused plan. My exercising has been erratic. I know it's because I am feel so great in my skin, that I don't feel it emmergent to exercise, but it is SO vitally necessary to a healthy, happy body. I have been sneaking in some jumping on the rebounder with Tootsie Pop, but even that needs to be more consistent. So that's what I am working on...consistency in ALL areas of my life, meditative practice....


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