Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's Get Fit!!

Okay.... I have finally moved over the hump of losing my son and I am standing in the sunlight of my todays and tomorrows. With that said....TA DAH!!! Fitness wagon here I COME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say love?) working out and I am back into the spirit of things. I will be posting much much more about fitness. Continue to keep sending love my way as I am working on some things....all in due time....

On November 12, 2007 I ate...
smoothie: fresh strawberries/fresh spinach/frozen bananas
almond mylk/frozen strawberries/banana
flax/onion crackers sunflower seed pate' olives dulse
raw banana ice cream with awesome cacao
32 oz water
smoothie: frozen blueberries/banana/straw/organic hempseeds/agave 1 fresh banana
smoothie: chia soaked blended with frozen banana/straw/water/agave banana

Speaking of fitness, I have this goal to get in what I'm calling "sneaky" fitness. It is crafty, devious ways of getting in exercise ALL throughout the day. Now that my beloved Kennedy is homeschooled (she only went to private school for about 3-4 weeks..3 mornings...) my time is extremely limited. I have to find ways of getting things in with a limited amount of time. This week's FAVORITE exercise is the stomach vacuums! I ABSOLUTELY love these and once you train yourself with them, you can literally perform them anywhere. I'm doing them right now!!!! They are a fab way to shrink your waistline and give you abdominal strength which transfers over into better posture, a stronger CORE overall, and higher fitness level.

My fitness goals are many! And before the pregnancy, I was well on my way to being where I wanted. Now that I am back on the Fit Train, there is NO stopping me. NOW is the best time really start getting yourself together fitness wise, b/c you can starve off those unwanted holiday pounds (or at least keep them at bay) while increasing your strength/muscular endurance as well as, cardiovascular endurance. Training and fitness are a true true true love of mine. Nothing is better than coupling raw food with fitness, I truly do believe that.

In that spirit, I am dreaming up and beginning to work on making some of those dreams come true. My new motto is, "All things in due time". Please send blessings/positive energy my way. I have a vision for my life, YOUR LIFE, the planet and It WILL be realized. I receive a great deal of emails from people who feel lost, with nowhere to turn and they are so confused about raw food...confused about fitness (lift weights vs cardio....sagging skin). Well, I am not a preacher. I HAVE been there. I have lost over 60+ pounds on my short 5'0" frame. I KNOW the devastation you feel....the hopelessness....the confusion. So, with all that in mind, I am trying to find a way to put together something that I think will really help those it is meant to help. I am the real deal (how modest was that?:-)

On November `13, 2007
lemon water
smoothie: frozen banana/blueberries/straw/water/agave/organic hemp protein
smoothie: frozen banana/straw/blueberries/chia /agave/almond mylk
2 slices bananas bread /cream cheese
lemon water
smoothie: banana/straw/blueberries/agave/almond mylk/raw power green superfood

I have some questions from the most fabulous magazine EVER....Oxygen Magazine! that you can ask yourself if you are serious about fitness!
1. Write down three things you can do first thing each morning to better care for your body (walking to work, meditating, drinking a glass of water instead of on).

2. How an yo learn to accept the highs and the lows of your life journey? What do you do to cheer yourself you and motivate yourself further?

3. Think about a few ways you can push yourself to do more. What can you do to start challenging yourself in small ways (for example, increase the distance you walk each day).

4. What can you do to make more time for yourself? What can you do with that time to improve your skills?

5. What are you good at? What are you best at? Is there anything you're good at that you can be best at? How can you get there?

With these questions in mind, start today! NOT after the! Get serious about raw foods and serious about changing your body.

On November 14, 2007 I ate....
green smoothie: 1 qt spinach/straw/banana/tons of organic hempseeds
1/2 banana
banana bread with 1 banana
16 oz water
banana bread
smoothie: chia seedsalmond mylk/frozen strawberries/blueberries/banana
banana bread
16 oz
banana bread
smoothie: 1 qt cacao!/banana/almond mylk/agave

I am going to enjoy this chilly, freezing, Thursday afternoon and gather myself together before Kennedy gets up from her much needed nap.....

In light and love,


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