Sunday, November 4, 2007

Menus, Bees, Negative Energy and Superfoods!

As promised I will post all of my meals/food. I was supposed to start Thursday.....So here it goes...

On Nov 1st I ate... This was green smoothie day....
Smoothie (kale/lime/apple/banana (3), water
Smoothie (spinach/strawberry/3 bananas
2 bowls of frozen banana ice cream with green superfood

I've been enjoying my daughter a lot lately. The moments in between the moments are very important to me. Sometimes we forget that every second is precious and we can't remember how to pay attn at the seemingly insignificant moments. That is a gift that Autism gave me. It taught me how to celebrate every victory and see success in every tiny step. Thank you Autism .

On November 2nd I ate.....
Smoothie strawberry/banana/spinach
Smoothie : cacao/banana 2/ice
Bagels with cream cheese
32 oz water
bagels with cream cheese
salad: hempseeds/red leaf lettuce/1/2 avocado/ olives/lime/herb seasoning

BEFORE Gela gave this wonderful Chia Cheat Sheet, I have been enjoying the magnificent powers of the chia seed. I must say....I LOVE them!!! They are filling....full of nutrition and very complete. Now that I am really watching my grocery money, it is amazing to get the most bang for my buck with these... BTW I have never really liked that "bang for my buck" statement. Please grab a pound or few HERE . I just LOVE finding new ways to incorporate these superfood seeds into my smoothies and other dishes. Check them out, you WON'T regret it!!

On November 3rd I ate....
8oz water
Smoothie: lime/kale/3 bananas/1/2 apple
Cacao/flax crackers and strawberries
1 bagel with cream cheese
Smoothie: Cacao/ 2 bananas/1 c almond mylk/ice
32 oz water
Chia seeds/goji berries/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/ almond mylk
More chia seeds/goji/Lucuma Powder/2 bananas/almond mylk
1/4 cantaloupe
1 bagel with cream cheese

I took my daughter to see The Bee Movie. We had a great time. This was the FIRST time she has ever been able to sit through an entire movie with typical children!! I was so happy I could cry. (Now do you see what I mean about celebrating everything like a victory?) She was so excited and I only had to say "Use your quiet voice" about 4 times!! She wants to go and see it that's what we will do after unschooling tomorrow!!

Someone has been trying to break my spirit lately. I know that the agreements that I have made in life let me know that this has a lot to do with me. Why am I attracting that negative energy? Why doesn't it seem like it'll go away? The answer is inside of me. So time for soul searching and "weeding" dangerous energy out of the garden of myself. This will be a busy week with many "challenges". I am ready for them all. I am going to enter into my tomorrow with a bright smile and great attitude. Today I have decided that NOTHING will get/keep me down......NOTHING.

I'm off to be blessed.

In light and love.....


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