Monday, November 12, 2007

Seeking abundance and breathing into life

I feel like I have so many things that need to be done, yet I don't know where to start. When I get these overwhelming feelings I know that it's time to sit down, journal and take a deep breath. When I am not "focused" things go undone, pile up and lead to stress. So I am sitting down and making my undone lists and starting to work on things. It's not that I don't work on stuff, it's that I have so many "pots in the fire" no one of them can get hot enough to cook anything! (Did you follow that? Downsouth lingo:)

On November 9, 2007 I ate...
16oz water
fresh pineapple
smoothie ; pineapple/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
32oz water
slice banana bread/cream cheese
pate' stuffed tomatoes with olives on top
slice banana bread
green smoothie: spin/straw/banana HUGE ....yummmm
banana bread with raspberries

Good thing is that eating has been effortless. I mean it is just totally effortless. I am just eating what I want to eat and feeling great about that. I'm feeling good in my skin and great inside and out. I took everyone who offered me advice and with the guidance and wisdom of the lovely Angela. I have been eating a lot of nutrient dense foods and plenty of blended stuff to get in my nutrition. I feel really great. For a first time in a long time, my food addiction issues are totally under control. I know part of it is because I am charting everything that I eat. For those who have emailed and said that my menus are helping them in some way...I am sooooo grateful.Angela's menus used to and still do inspire and educate me. So I am so happy to be able to pay it forward.

On November 10, 2007 I ate...
Green juice: kale/lemon/apple
smoothie: green juice and 2.5 bananas....smooth and creamy
banana bread with fresh pineapple
salad: red leaf lettuce/olves/hempseeds/lime/herbamare
flax onion crackers
smoothie: fresh raspberries/banana/almond mylk/hemp protein
banana raw ice cream handful walnuts
32 oz water

People have been asking me if I believe that I'm eating "properly". hummmm.... I eat the way that feels right to me on any given day/situation. I have had serious food addictions and issues that I am very upfront about and I am aware that sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. However, I am much smarter and more intune with me, so I can feel when these episodes are happening. Usually they happen during times of extreme stress.

November 11, 2007 (my mom's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I ate...
Smoothie: green superfood/2 bananas/frozen pineapples/almond mylk
8oz green juice: kale/lemon/apple
1 slice banana bread
2 slices banana bread with a smoothie: pineapples/banana/maca/almond mylk
banana bread with cream cheese
TONS of fresh pineapple
2 bananas

I ate soooooo much banana bread on this day, b/c I was on the go. In this cold, it travels very very well. When accompanied with a banana, it can keep you full for quite some time. At this time of year with ripping and running from here to there, it's important to find ways that make it easy to travel while raw without compromising your health or nutrition.

I have SO much on my plate right now that this is a fairly easy time for me to get overwhelmed and stressed. My stresses have nothing to do with holiday party planning or Christmas shopping, but with homeschooling, therapies, blood work, lab tests.....ahhhhh....just taking a deep breath. As I am getting back into the spirit of my life, I am knowing that all things are perfectly fine the way that they are. There is only so much that I can do from day to day and so long as I persevere toward my goals and towards accomplishing something, I feel great. I know that within a given day I have done everything that I can to make my daughter have amazingly wonderful fantastically engaged days and that means more to me than anything else. The paperwork, the goals, the degree, it all has to take a backseat to our health and happiness. One day at a time...engaged and active is my motto.


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