Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 here I come!!!!

Painted High Five
Some days I keep it simple...
Romaine roll ups. Avo/tomato/olives/peppers

Yum...raw brownie with raspberries

I know that 2008 will prove to be a wonderful year. I am super excited about all that it has to offer. I am battling some personal issues, but they are all making me so much stronger. That is usually what happens when you have to face fears. I don't like it, but it's making me grow in tremendous ways!!

This morning I woke up at 5:08 am with NO alarm. I couldn't believe it. I went downstairs in my home gym and did a great workout. Biceps and back...extra cardio! I hate cardio and I pretty much never do it...I know I know I know. I am going to work on that this week.

In 2008 I have revolutions to live authentically, cry without apology, watch less t.v.(don't watch that much anyway), move my daughter to an even higher raw diet (so hard to do with Autism) and some slightly personal goals that I can't mention here! :-P

If you are ready to walk into your glory as the goddess you were destined to be...join me on this journey towards pure 100% authenticity. Live without abandon, laugh out loud, dance to the beat of your own music. Dream the biggest dreams imaginable and pursue them. I am SO ready for this new year.....

What I'm doing tonite...
Having a few friends over. Kennedy will asleep by about 9:30pm and I am making a HUGE New Orleans cooked/carnivore feast for the guests. I am having Macadamia Cheddar Cheese Ball and Sundried tomato flax crackers from the lovely raw food ebook by Heidi and Justin at Raw Food Right Now. The wonderful organic double chocolate cherry cheesecake from the beautiful Kristen's Raw. I will be drinking fresh apple juice with crushed ice out of my fancy smacy dolphin wine glasses. I am super excited. Off to bring joy into the rest of my day.

What are you DREAMING will happen in 2008??


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