Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fit Tip #1 Pushups

I've decided to do a "Fit Tip" every week. I want to talk to you about doing pushups. WOW what a wonderful upper body exercise. I found a great article about them. Here is an excerpt:

"Pushups are a superb upper body exercise that use the body’s own weight to build a sound fitness foundation. They promote strength, balance and stability by developing several key muscles, including the pectoralis major in the chest, the deltoids or shoulder muscles, the scapular muscles and rotator cuff, the triceps located on the back of the upper arm and the upper back muscles. " Read the entire article HERE.

I try to do 20 a day and that doesn't sound like much, it works. If I am training upper body throughout the week...I do my pushups on my upperbody days (normally twice) and I rest for the rest of the week. Hahaha! Muscles need recovery time.

If you want to know how to take your pushups to the next level...invest in pushup bars...check out these inexpensive ones . I personally own these and they allow you to get DEEP into your pecs when doing pushups! Feels like a bench press!

Happy training.....


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