Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday Thoughts/ Inspiratons

Raw Pecan/Cacao brownies. Find the recipe HERE

This pic is from outside my backdoor balcony

Just a quick note to chat about my upper body workout today which was super arms feel like silly putty, but I LOVE it!

Warm up on treddy 9 mins
Seated shoulder press
Seated bicep curl
One armed lat row
DB row
Tricep dips

I just wanted to leave a note about the blogs that have been inspiring me lately, I know you will love them too.

Kristen's Raw Check out her amazing ebooks!

Rawdorable's blog She has amazing recipes for all your winter childhood cooked favs

Raw Diva Keely I like her smoothie recipes. A great fun site.

Gotta run...Kennedy is finally napping so I am going to grab one too. These morning workouts are exhausting!!!!

In light and love,


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