Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Cheer/ Sheer Madness/ Time

Chia soaked in brazil nut mylk with bananas/mesquite/goji berries and bananas

c Power me Power cup smoothie! Hempseeds/froz blueberries/2 bananas
There is no greater commodity than time for me right now. I am so busy. I do want to apologize for those who look here for in inspiration. I have been extremely busy. Good news is is that I (of course) am still 100% raw and loving it. I haven't NOT blogged b/c I've changed my life! I am back into my weight training with full force and I feel great. I was really sore for a while, but I am back in action.

I don't want to list the zillion menus, but I can tell you that I have been eating tons of bananas (cheap), flax seeds, nutrient dense powders (hemp protein/green superfoods), heavy nut meals etc. I am not getting nearly enough greens lately, but I went to the store at 7 am this morning (yes in 30 degree weather!) and got all that I need for some yummy romaine roll ups. I've been craving them. It all boils down to the fact that it is the crazy holiday season and I have been taking care of others, getting gifts, making gifts mainly and my food prep went on the backburner. I don't always need or want to eat gourmet raw, but I do enjoy it and I love preparing foods I was really missing out. I woke up this morning with a new attitude though! I put 2 trays of corn chips, 1 tray of corn tortillas, and 2 trays of flax/raisin/walnut/mesquite/maca/honey crackers in the dehydrator. Made some brazil nut mylk (I've been making it a thousand times a week it seems!), and made some yummy grapefruit juice to start my day off clean and fresh.

All of the almonds I've been eating have really taken a toll on my stomach and my digestions! Ouch! i don't feel "optimal" at all. I have had limited funds (duh) and haven't had much time to get out to the store and the nuts are so filling. I wasn't overeating them or eating them in any kind of obsessive way, but it just wasn't healthy to consume them as whole meals. I DID soak and dehydrate some so that I can make fresh almond butter tonite...I'll tell you how it turns out.

Workout wise..I have been doing two upper body, and two lower body days with intervals in between. I have to be honest....I haven't been doing pretty much any of the intervals/cardio training that I should. I just do NOT like cardio. I like to walk outside (in the hot months), dance, ride a bike,..but the treadmill or bike (AHHHHHHHHH!!!) So boring, even with the best music. This week I am hoping to focus more clearly.

For those who are interested an upper body workout consists of ....

*pushups til failure
*two armed lat row 15#
*tricep dips BW
*shoulder press 10#
*bicep curl 15# or 20#
*tricep extensions 10# or 15#
*ab knee ups to failure ..ouchie
*lateral shoulder raise (one arm) 10# or 15#

I can make that as easy or challenging as I want to!!

Okay gotta run, but I do sincerely promise to blog at least 4x a week. For those who have emailed me....again my deepest apologies :) All love

OH YEA... I forgot to mention. Christmas came and went and my food was the same as every big deal again. So this is officially my first holiday season without worrying about my food in anyway!!!


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