Sunday, December 30, 2007

If you haven't already...please swing by Give it to me Raw!!! It's a total raw food community myspace kinda thing. I LOVE it. I am on MySpace, but don't really enjoy it. shhhhh. MySpace gets too many people that I don't care to associate with and Give it to me Raw rocks....full of love and full of wonderfully raw people on all parts of the raw journey. Amazing stories and inspiring, uplifting blogs/photos and videos. Check it out!!! Give it to me Raw

Check out my page Jayna' Profile.

I missed my lowerbody workout yesterday due to some crying and not feeling well, but I am better and back on track and today will prove to be a super lowerbody day. I am using my straight BB today and I am soooo excited about it. I am looking to do Deep squats, 200 lunges, calf raises, leg extensions. I have to really rock it out since I missed yesterday.

Quick thoughts on lowfat/highfat raw diets. I have been getting a lot of questions and a lot of judgment (okay stop with the judgment..I'm letting it bounce right off :) I like to do lowER fat raw in the summer when tons of fresh fruits are available and the farmer's market is open here in PA. If I feel myself feeling really bloated or really "lethargic" I ease back on my many nut desserts. But other than that, I love to enjoy my raw food. Gourmet and all. The very lovely Kristen agrees with me! She is super fit and healthy so I totally admire her spirit/body/lifestyle. THAT is what being raw is all about. It's not about following some guru who will tell YOU what to do with your body. YOU know what's best. So my advice is to find someone who you admire...who looks the way you would want to look...who lives the way you want to live and pick the parts that you want to emulate and do it. BECOME IT! LIVE IT!!

Rock this New Year out! I will post tomorrow some of my reVOLUTIONS for 2008!


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