Saturday, December 8, 2007

Plowing forward.....

I've been enjoying the time inside as winter comes into full swing. I have been asked if the winter makes it too difficult to be 100% raw. Things are made difficult by our outlooks. Haven't you ever had a terrible day? A few days later you can be in the best mood ever and those exact same things could happen to you and it wouldn't be a terrible day then. It's all about perspective. I believe that if we ARM ourselves with positive conditioning I can honestly say that I am NOT at all cravings/thinking about/wishing about super hot or cooked foods. I am enjoying all my new dishes and I've been experimenting a ton in the kitchen.

I have been going out to the library as often as possible....just plugging away at the thesis......arduous, yet rewarding. I am feeling blissful inside....accepting things and walking into change with wide open eyes.

On December 4, 2007 I ate...
16 oz water
smoothie: froz strawberries/brazil nut mylk/water/bananas
2 bananas
smoothie: hempseeds/froz bananas/maca/brazil nut mylk

Oh the Christmas spirit. One of and love. I am so happy that my daughter is "engaged" this year. So into things. I am not doing the Christmas list and OUR Santa doesn't check to see if you've been naughty or nice. He asks if you've been kind and giving. Even then, the judgment doesn't come in terms of the amount of presents that you receive. I will NOT be passing those traditions down. I am starting my own.

On December 5, 2007 I ate...
corn chips 1 avocado
smoothie: brazil nut mikl/soakked chia/pumpkin seeds/maca/fraoz strawberries
walnuts and bnanas
corn chips
12 oz water
hemp/pumpkin seed/raisin tort 1 banana
banana raw ice cream

Ohhhhh so much is changing in my personal life. I can't write about it now...possibly for a long time, but it is challenging me on so many levels. I am proud of how I am responding and being honest with myself about it all. There is so much beauty in truth.

On December 6, 2007 I ate...
8 oz water
raw choc mylk/buckwheat crispie cereal (with 1 banana)
raisin/hempseed/pumpkin sed tort
1 banana rolled in hemp and pumpkin seeds
handful of pecans and 1 banana

On December 7, 2007 I ate....
1 quart kale/lime/apple/cuke juice
tiny bite of banana
buckwheat crispie cereal/choc brazil milk/raisins/banana
1 slice ani phyo's sesame bread with sun dried basil cheese topped with olives
huge piece of Ann Wigmore's banana cream pie

On December 8, 2007 I ate....
cantaloupebuckwheat crispie cereal (raisins/banana)
sheet of banana leather sheet of homemade apple prune leather
corn chips with guacamole
16 oz water
Banana cream pie
pizza with brazil cheese and green olives
peppermint tea
banana leather
apple prune leather
cup of brazilian tea
(way too late)...piece of banana cream pie and extra pecans on top

On December 9, 2007 I ate...
12 oz grapefruit juice
buckwheat crispie cereal with banana milk...ohhhhh yummmmmmmmmmmmmm
corn chips
smoothie: froz straw/ banana/brazil nut mylk/water/agave
pizza with brazil nut cheese and olives

On December 10, 2007
banana leather
smoothie: froz straw/banana/hempseeds/brazil nut mylk
HUGE bowl banana raw ice cream with pecans (so much like butter pecan ice cream)
smoothie: froz straw/1 banana/brazil nut mylk/hempseeds
buckwheat cereal:raisins/pecans/banana mylk
Fruit salad (honeydew/cant/grapes/straw)
buckwheat crispie cereal..raisins/banana

I know it's been a long time since I've posted, but I am doing my best. I will try harder though I promise. I'm off to have a blissfully cold day with Kennedy....we are pretending we are Santa and his reindeer!


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