Sunday, January 27, 2008

60 day "Rock it Out" Challenge

OMGoddess...I got a Blog Inspiration Award!!! I am working on a post to announce it and to give it to five awesome bloggers...I'll post it tomorrow!!!!!!! Thanks beautiful Kristen !

I know this picture won't coincide with the "challenge" but hey eating is great! And I love raw food so that is a part of my challenge too! "Rock out the Raw Recipes! "

I am having a personal fitness challenge ...I told you in my last post. Here is the preliminary outline. I am soooooo excited about it. It's Sunday and I still have sundried flax crackers so I didn't and won't make any bread/crackers...but will probably throw on corn chips later b/c I ate the last of em today!

I had the ultimate fast food today...I went to Costco and I got fresh cut cold pineapple..yum. Talk about fast! I ran a few errands that I have been putting off. Feeling bloated from too many onion bread sandwiches, but loved every bite of em.

I made a key-lime cheesecake today. I promise to take pictures and post them tomorrow. I am getting so bad at doing that :( vow to get better though!

Today I did dreaded cardio again....ARGGG..just trying to balance out the 1/2 of cheesecake I ate!! hahahaha. I'm kidding, I had things on my mind and I don't train arms until tomorrow, so I needed to blow off some steam. Did 20 mins HIIT on the elliptical

So welcome to my "Rock it Out" Challenge. You can follow the recommended schedule that I will post daily or just rock it out in your own way!! I am going to be drinking TONS of green smoothies and that means trying new ones too!!! Like this morning.. yummy... I took a recommendation from the beautiful Raw Goddess Heathy .

I drank...

Swiss Chard (tons)

1/2c blueberries

1 orange

3 frozen bananas

1/2c almond mylk..... OMGoddess!! it was soooooooo good. I'll be having it again today!

So welcome to my fitness challenge...welcome to my journey!

OH YEA....I am thinking of holding a Boot Camp Style Fitness thing this summer on the River where I live. What do you think? Think people will sign up?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

YUM! Do you have a recipe for the key lime cheesecake? I would eat a lot too!!!

shannonmarie said...

Congratulations on the inspirational blogger award. Rock it out girl!

britanie said...

congrats on the inspiration award!! i can see why you got it! your blog is amazing... I added it to my favorite list of blogs :)

RawAllison said...

Had I known about you I would have given you an Inspirational Blogger Award myself!! I am about to jump back on the raw wagon and I hope to have a success story like yours (I know I will). You look great and I am so happy you are sharing your journey to help inspire the rest of us.

RawFitMama said...

Hey Shannon!!!! Thanks girl :)

Britanie- I LOVE your blog too!! So honest and are awesome girl

Hey Allison...JUMP ON the raw lettuce mobile. You got it girl...And thanks for the compliment :))

Kristen's Raw said...

Hey Sassy Lady!!! How the heck are you doing? I've been out of town the past couple weeks but I'm getting back in the groove of things now.

Miss ya!

Dimitrios Art said...

Hi there Jayna,

I passed through your site through another blog about Ho Opono Pono. I like your blog, your positive energy, keep it going. I wish you much success in life, and with your daughter.

Tonia said...

I got here from the likeitraw page. What has shocks me is seeing the before and after pictures. In every one of them, the people's 'after' picture looks so much younger! I've been vegetarian over a year, but had this nagging feeling that milk and gluten were affecting me as much as (or worse than) the meat. When I wean myself off of my water fast, I'll definitely wean raw! I'll use this fasting time to gather information and recipes. I already lift weights (and I've always had muscle, esp. lifting my disabled son for years) so I've got a good start. Looking at the raw results, not just physical but the mood and lifted mental fog, I'm looking forward to how I'll feel 2 months from now! I'm also looking forward to how this will help my writing/creativity. Thanks for you blog. Oh, maybe you can post on how you're helping your daughter. I've seen so much about the gluten/casein affect on 2/3 or autistic people. Good fortune!


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