Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Awesome Raw Life

Look at all Kennedy's art work in the background!!!

Living an awesome raw life. I am working out and feeling great. I have increased my green smoothie consumption and am buzzing as usual off of my overload of superfoods..yum yum yum.

Today I am making a Super Cherry Superfood Smoothie...

HUGE handful of spinach
frozen cherries
2 frozen bananas
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp cacao
1 tsp maca
1.5 c water (can use nut mylk)

Blend and Enjoy. I've been having that smoothie almost two times a day lately.

I am super happy to say that I rejoined a gym. It's really inexpensive per month and I will do my best to get there about 3-4 times a week. Other than that, I'll continue to workout at home in my cold basement gym. I love it there! U can usually find me in a snowsuit with mix-matched neon socks (seriously) with a hemp protein shake.

I have been extra introspective lately. Just journaling up a storm and letting all of my creativity flow onto the page. I've been taking my time with my days and relaxing a bit. Kennedy has been having a blast hanging out with me. We took "off" from Autism and have just been having a ton of fun!!!!!!!!!

Are you making 2008 the best ever??? IF not, what can you do to make it what you want?Think it....create it. It's there waiting for you...


Kizzy West said...

Good Morning to you! I lOVE your blog right now.

Question for you: You are I are the same height and maybe body type (can only tell soo much from photo). What has been your experience weight training your lower body while raw? My only experience so far has been while cooked/High protein and my legs bulked a lot. I was thinking that because of my body type and height, weight training my lower body would not give me the results I wanted. But I LOVE weight training!

I am hoping that you will tell me I can train again and still wear 0-2 jeans!



RawFitMama said...

Hey Kizzy!!

I just trained lowerbody tonite girl!! You will totally be able to see definition/tone and add muscle to your legs if you LIFT HEAVY. I am into lifting heavy right now and am seeing some results. Raw is the way to go when weight training, b/c I don't have that "puffy" layer over my muscles...they just pop and show!

Kristen's Raw said...

Congrats on joining the gym. That's so fun sometimes just to stay motivated and change things up a bit, you know?


RawFitMama said...

The gym is many little time :)

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