Saturday, January 26, 2008

Fitness Challenge Over

Hey everybody!! I am so sorry to be so sporadic, but I was in an 7-8 week fitness challenge and it's over today so I am back back back.

I am making a 60 day fitness challenge for myself and will keep you all totally updated about it. It starts in 5 days!!!

Oh my biceps look fabulous if I must say so myself!!

Here is my fitness inspiration...well one of them. I am going to list some of my workouts on here b/c I have heard that some people really like seeing them.

WEll so do others b/c someone stole my fitness notebook at the gym. I know I know..bad karma they will have!! I hope it was a cardio bunny who can benefit from picking up a dumbbell!!

I'm off to the gym in an hour for what I call Crazy Cardio and Abs! That's 20 min intervals on the dreaded treddy...20 min Elliptical...10 mins rbike and a host of crazy weighted abs in between. I do NOT like cardio at all and this week it will be my only one day doing it so I will rock it out.

Other than that, this week I've trained shoulders/back/bis/tris and of lovely legs!!!!!

So I am back and looking forward to diving back into my lovely world of raw friends! I missed it all - Glitter Graphics


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