Friday, January 11, 2008

Gym Re-Initation and Menu

I've been having some Internet trouble. I can get on, but I haven't been able to effectively send/receive things. I took it as a time to step back from cyber world and make more connections in my real world :)

I'm back from the land of technical difficulty and am just reporting that I have been SO excited to be back in a gym!!!! I was getting a little bored working out at home, and when the high light in the basement blew out, I knew it was time to find a way to get out :) Thankfully in my town there's a $10/month gym. NO fancy classes or saunas, but it has all the equipment I've been dreaming about using.

I've been fueling myself on great eats lately. I have also been dehydrating away...this week I made......
Corn Chips
2 bags of 10 oz frozen organic corn
1/2 c water
chili powder
celtic sea salt

Process until very very smooth. Put on teflex sheet and dehydrate for 4 hours each side. You can even score them into tiny triangles after 2 hours and they will break in the shape of real corn chips.

I also made... Chia/Flax Dessert Crackers
I took a recipe inspired by the awesome chef Kristen and put my own little spin on it.
1 cup soaked chia seeds
1/2 c ground dark flax seeds
vanilla (alcohol free)
1/8 c agave nectar

Process and dehydrate. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

I also made....Sun Dried Tomato Flax Crackers (originally named Crunchy Flax Seed Crackers) by the recipe originators Heidi & Justin. I hope they won't mind if I give this one away. This recipe is soooooooooo easy and delicious. I even made tiny little square crackers to eat like croutons in my massive colorful salads!!

1 1/4 cup whole dark flax seeds
3/4 cup golden flax seeds
1 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked in 2 cups of water for 4-8 hours
up to 2 cups of purified water
Juice of 1 small lemon
1 teaspoon Nama Shoyu (optional) .... I used Braggs (1/2 tsp)
sea salt to taste

1. Grind 3/4 cup whole flax seeds in a coffee grinder.
2. Pulse flax seeds and lemon juice in a food processor with the S-blade
until well mixed. Tadd the tomatoes and Nama Shoyu, and pulse until
3. Turn the food processor off, and pour a ¼ cup of purified water into the
food processor. Pulse the mixture. Continue to add water in small ¼ cup
amounts until it appears to form into a slightly wet ball of dough. Add salt
if desired and pulse briefly to mix the salt into the mixture.
4. Pour 1/3 of the mixture onto a Teflex sheet. Form the mixture into a
round dough ball, then flatten onto the Teflex sheet. With a spatula, press
the mixture onto the Teflex Sheet. The trick is to make sure the mixture is
very thin, as thin as you can make it without it breaking apart. If you find
that it is breaking apart easily, put back in the food processor and add
more water.

I won't give anymore of their recipes away!! I highly suggest getting
5. With a dull knife or a spatula, score the crackers however you like. We
like to make some of them big squares (2 x 2 inches) and some small
squares (1x1 inch). You can even try to make different shapes including
triangles or rectangles, or possibly other shapes. Get creative! Repeat
steps 4 and 5 with the remaining mixture. All of the batter should fit
around 3 dehydrator trays.
6. Dehydrate at 118 degrees for 12 hours or overnight. You can remove
the Teflex sheets and flip once the tops of the crackers are dry. Place the
crackers with the moist side up onto the dehydrator tray and continue to
dehydrate at 118 degrees for another 24 hours, or until they are very dry
and crispy.
7. Store crackers in an air-tight container

I will not give away anymore of their recipes!! :P And although the holidays are over, I still highly suggest you pick up their Christmas recipe ebook. The recipes rock and I am still making them and the holidays are well over.

Well, at the gym, I have been really getting into the zone. I can't do that at home as much, b/c Kennedy is usually climbing on top of me or I am trying to hurry before she wakes up! It is great to be able to just focus solely on ME for an hour. It was so refreshing. Raising a kiddo with special needs is a wonderful thing, but it is easy to forget to put yourself first sometimes. I'm also using Tosca Reno's wonderful fitness book Eat Clean Workout Book . True it is really more informative for a woman really new to fitness, but I really really like it!!! Initially I thought I couldn't use some of it b/c I didn't belong to a gym, and now that I do, I can fully incorporate a lot of her suggested exercises into my workouts.

Here is my menu from Thursday
M1: 2 bananas preworkout
M2: post workout..grabbed fruit salad at the store. grapes/cantaloupe/honeydew
M3: salad (red leaf/olives/cherry tomatoes/avocado) corn chips
M4:1 orange and 3 power bars (see recipe below)
M5: green smoothie: kale/spinach/bananas/raspberries/hempseeds
M6: cucumber/lemon juice

I am calling these power bars, but they are really called Date Nut Thing-a-Ma-Jigs. You can find the recipe in Kristen's Raw Dessert ebook . This ebook rocks!!!!! Desserts are what are loved most by raw fooders (unless you are 80/10/10) I am not and I love desserts :) This ebook has a ton of simple/easy and very delicious desserts. I took the recipe and added hempseeds for protein and call them power bars...yum yum.

So I am feeling sore from my very serious, extra booty emphasis smith squats. I am planning to see if Kennedy will take a nap and soak my tired muscles in some Epsom salts!


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