Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Yummy eats and Workouts

Forgot to take the picture BEFORE I started gobbling it up!

Organic double chocolate cherry cheesecake

Macadamia nut cheese rolled in walnuts

Sundried tomato flaxseed crackers

Leftovers! Today's lunch. Romaine roll ups with nut cheese/cherry tomatoes/olives

I was up for almost 24 hours yesterday! When my husband got up I am took a nap before my workout. No early workout for me today!! I was so exhausted. All the food/treats came out wonderfully! My macadamia cheese and sundried tomato flax crackers were so yummy topped with olives. And the organic cherry chocolate cheesecake was SOOOOO DELICIOUS!! I froze the rest in slices and will be enjoying it for quite some time!!

I have gotten request and so I will go back to listing my daily menu. I have been training hard with my weights so I have broken my meals up into the six a day recommended meals for keeping the metabolism revved up! I'm working on getting in even more wonderful green smoothies. I drink about one a day, but want to start having one later in the day from now on. I always feel so amazing after I drink them. And 2008 is all about greatness, energy, abundance and ecstatic being.....wonderful way to accomplish this is to vibrant on the higher frequency that drinking green brings.

M!: hot water with lemon (still full from eating at midnite!)
M2:green smoothie...froz peaches/spinach/banana 1quart full
M3:romaine roll ups with macadamia nut cheese/olives/tomatoes and sundried flax crackers
M4:smoothie/froz peaches/banana/hempseeds
M5:piece of organic double chocolate cherry cheesecake
M6: 1/2 quart of green smoothie

So today I did my chest/tris/shoulder workout..plus a dreaded 20 minutes of SS cardio and cleaned my house.Therapy begins again tomorrow. I'm so excited about 2008, I am bubbling over with the thought of the possibilities that this year brings. I know that Kennedy will continue to grow and develop and defy the odds!

It's late and I am off to record my workout and go to bed. Trying to get up at 5 am to workout!! Be fit and eat raw!!!!!


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