Saturday, February 23, 2008


I have been M.I.A. for good reason... can't tell all now. Personal life is experiencing many glorious changes....

Be back soon, promise

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Anonymous said...

jayna' to get in touch with you? email?Im in philly( lived in harrisburg 4 abt 6 mos years ago) ..anyway, tried raw before living in L.A> Im back in philly..not may choices, as well, I threw out my dehydrator, etc..Have a 19 mo old, 36, working form home, not sure where to begin again.... Your blog is great, my frein in L.A> Sent it to me in this season of change for me. She was vegan for 7 years, just went raw in Arpil..I have been back & forth plenty of times, but NOW, I NEED change for peace. talk to ya soon, Karen(


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