Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twists and Turns

Life is taking me on a wonderful journey right now....

I am going to get back into blogging full-time very shortly. I have re-begun (is that a word?) the intense work of my thesis and managing my daughter's many therapies. We just had a therapist to quit and my daughter isn't handling oh so well...she's cried for her twice... ouch! It hurts my heart.

I haven't been to my sanctuary (the gym) for about three weeks. I just HAD to accept that I can't do a million things with only 24 hours in each day. Even as a wonderful raw foodie high on cacao and maca,.... I can ONLY MAKE SO many hours in my day!

So with this short update, I leave you.... wishing you all peace and happiness.

PROMISE to be back in full swing soon!


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