Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Twists and Turns

Life is taking me on a wonderful journey right now....

I am going to get back into blogging full-time very shortly. I have re-begun (is that a word?) the intense work of my thesis and managing my daughter's many therapies. We just had a therapist to quit and my daughter isn't handling oh so well...she's cried for her twice... ouch! It hurts my heart.

I haven't been to my sanctuary (the gym) for about three weeks. I just HAD to accept that I can't do a million things with only 24 hours in each day. Even as a wonderful raw foodie high on cacao and maca,.... I can ONLY MAKE SO many hours in my day!

So with this short update, I leave you.... wishing you all peace and happiness.

PROMISE to be back in full swing soon!


Kristen's Raw said...

Hugs, happy thoughts and energy are coming your way for you and your family :)

You're an awesome woman!

FreeSpirit said...

I must tell you that I'm truly inspired by you! Running across your blog planted the first raw food seed in my spirit and slowly, after reading and researching, I've just made the first steps toward going raw. I've been a vegan since January 2008, and now I'm replacing a cooked meal every two weeks with a raw one until I'm fully raw. I also have a kid on the spectrum (he's four, officially diagnosed PDD-NOS last April). I'm slowly transitioning him as well, going to the Body Ecology Diet first to correct his body's imbalances and then slowly graduating to 100% raw foods.

So I just wanted to say thanks and to encourage you to keep being you and to keep blogging!! Much love to you and your beautiful daughter, Kennedy!

P.S. I live in NY now, but spent my college years in PA, in Reading. And I visited Philadelphia a lot! So strangely, even though we're still far away, I feel like there's someone close to me who feels and thinks the way I do!

Charissa said...

You've been tagged by me! Check out my blog for more details because it's fun to know more about you!


Paulina said...

Hi, I have a question for you: What do you usually eat after a workout? I need some suggestions because I'm really confused when it comes to this!



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