Thursday, March 13, 2008

ALL health is healthy!

Those who know me KNOW that it isn't an all or nothing philosophy that I carry around... okay okay sometimes, but I LOVE all things healthy whether they are all raw or not. With that said I simply ADORE and am fortunate to know about and read religiously the life of the lovely lovely Kris Carr who is overcoming amazing feats against the battle of an incurable rare form of cancer. WE can ALL learn something from her. I think sometimes we can forget that learning is an EVERYDAY in EVERY WAY kinda thing. We NEVER stop evolving .. never stop growing....

Well, I am so super happy to announce that there is a community she has created and you can join!! It's a wonderfully energetic place. I don't get to spend nearly as much time there as I would like, but it is lovely and NOT for 100% raw persons. I have gotten emails from fellow raw fooders and aspiring raw fooders who feel like they don't "belong" at GI2MR. WEll firstly, you "belong" everywhere!! Secondly, this site is not about raw food so much as it's about health. Check it out here at Crazy Sexy Life . And duh! who doesn't want a crazy sexy life!!!?!?! I sure do.

I just thought I'd stop in really quickly to give you something else to look up. I know you will LOVE and be inspired by this amazing woman.


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