Thursday, March 13, 2008

TAG... you're it!

It's a good thing my daughter didn't tag me with all that GF flour on her hands!!!!

I've been tagged by the beautiful rawlicious Charissa at Raw Royalty. I am now supposed to tell you all 5 things you don't know about me... hmmmm.....

1. I HAVE to dance everyday! It's silly, but I just do.... I have to move my body in a silly, but sensual way everyday. My daughter and I put on the ipod radio and get grooving. Before you know it 30 mins have gone by and we are cracking up laughing.

2. I was born and raised in New Orleans on gumbo, jambalaya, crawfish, crabs and everything fried under the sun. People mention to me that it was "easy" for me to go raw b/c I was vegan first. And while yes that contributed to my ease into the raw foods lifestyle, my conversion from New Orleans cooked to veg/vegan cooked was nothing short of miraculous! I went cold turkey vegetarian and then cold turkey vegan once I found the wonderful insight of P.E.T.A. .

3. I design jeans! When it gets warm I start tie dying EVERYTHING. I told you I was a "modern day hippie". There is something so warm and free about a tie dyed shirt! But in the spring and summer, I do my jeans. They look AMAZING. Some say I look crazy, but living a "crazy sexy life" is what I'm allllll about! Anyone interested in getting some jeans? if so, I'll see if I can offer then by Internet. If not, I kinda just do them for people in my area.... I helped put myself through college this way!

4. My daughter almost died before she was born. I threatened miscarriage 3 times... I got the whole "this kinda thing just happens". I always knew she would make it. I went into labor 13 weeks early, but only delivered 6 weeks early. So I was in labor 7 weeks 10 hours!!!!!!!!!!! She's a miracle and a blessing... my angel.....

5. On a lighter note... I have a pet peeve for hair on the bathroom floor! I just don't like it at all. And I have really long hair.. but I make sure there's no hair on the bathroom floor when I'm done washing/combing!

As I'm looking at my favorite blogs they have ALL already been tagged! So that means, I have to finish looking at my extensive wonderful blog list to five 5 fab rawies to tag...give me a day to do this! ....


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