Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh yea let's RAWK!!!!

The beautiful and gorgeous Chocolate Girl is throwing a party for her awesome raw food Phil on May 2nd! Come join me, Faith and raw community as we spread love all around!!

If this event is ANYTHING like Successfully Raw, we will party hard!! CACAO charged!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Love and Change

A time for renewal...

What have I been up to? I have been sprouting... dehydrating flax/corn crackers, pizza crusts, onion bread (done with it for now) and getting back into loving raw.

EVERYTIME I think about going back to cooked food, I find a way to re-fall in love with my raw diet. WE are all NOT the same and therefore our diets...raw or otherwise will likely be different. I gained a bit of weight ... about 4#. Hadn't been to the gym in months trying to get into my PhD program. Well, I am so proud to say that my glutes are sore and the pounds are ready to melt away!

I was eating far too many nuts and dried fruits as a way to "hold me over". Truth is, I realized that whenEVER I gravitate towards dried fruits and tons of nuts, I am unhappy in my life. I like to "stuff" my feelings down and heavy things like nuts and dried fruits will do the trick. So imagine... I was NOT doing any exercise of any kind, eating about 2 pounds of nuts and 1 pound of dried fruit a day... starting to feel miserable.. sad...depressed... lonely. Began entertaining thoughts of how "simple" life was when I ate cooked food and then it hit me like a bag of organic corn! DUH.... I decided in one instant that I had enough. That I was sick of feeling pathetic and decided to get some herbs for it and began taking them right away.

I have been fleeting with my yoga practice b/c strength training takes precedence over EVERY kind of exercise in my life, but decided to resurrect my love for yoga by starting slowly and steadily. Oh Goddess what a ride I have been on with it. Just like my raw lifestyle, I fell into it and it is glorious and wonderful and perfect. I have tonssssss of work to do, but am ready for the challenge.

I am back FINALLY this week, to my weights... ahhhhhhhhhhh those glorious iron pills (free weights) make a world of a difference in my life.

Gotta run b/c I have to be up in about 6 hours and I am already exhausted.

Here is my POA:

*strength train 4xs a week

*Yoga 5-7xs a week

*Abs 3xs a week

Food wise, I am on track with feeling GREAT on lots of fruits right now. It is finally really warm on the East Coast and I am enjoying it tremendously. Glorious tomatoes, avocado boats, fresh pineapple, greens...yum! I LOVE this diet!!!!!

I have re-begun to keep my food journal, will throw a few days of food out here tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving THROUGH it all

Ahhh... life is so amazing. JUST when you think you are falling flat on your face and are at rock's bottom.... you fall down even farther! You thought I was going to say, "you get up" huh?? Hahaha

Life is taking me on some twists and turns and my personal life it taking a beating right now, but I am hanging in there with my head held high.... my heart intact.... taking one moment at a time. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming others, I am realizing how decisions before now, led me to where I am. How I created this vision of my reality. WOW that is such a powerful message.

I have been contemplating eating cooked food. There is no real draw to real desire for it, but I am not being the healthiest raw vegan. Anyone who is 100% raw and financially challenged knows what I mean. I love to hear raw foodist say, "I am 100% raw except when I'm not" . We get so wrapped up into "perfection" and the "right" way to do things, that we forget to just b-e. I am not sure if I will take the walk down the "other" side yet, I am waiting for my spirit to guide me toward what is right.

Just wanted to check in a bit ....I will be back

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Beautiful Autism... (oh and I'm sick)

"I am beautiful... I am me " -My wonderful beautiful girl with Autism

I've been away... many life changes...and tons to tell you, but FIRST and foremost I want to say thank you to all the amazing people who sent me messages about Autism Awareness Month. It's actually Autism awareness EVERYDAY in our lives!! But I am so glad that the world is paying more attention to it and I have to take a post to write about it before addressing any of the amazing things happening with me.

First of all, my beautiful daughter Kennedy is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was young when I got pregnant and pretty unprepared for a child. I was a hippie, fly-by-the-seat of your skirt kinda gyrl. When my daughter was 2 years old I originally diagnosed her myself with Autism and took her to a pediatric neurologist for confirmation. I remember feeling like the wind was knocked out of me. I stayed up day and night surfing the net for answering...answering I never got. I heard first accounts from mothers of how they put their children institutions and "gave" them away b/c Autism was too much to bear. I have even initially thought about how cancer would have been easier to deal with than Autism.

All of my thoughts have since changed. YES I mourned the loss of my daughter... and I did lose her. I lost her to the world of Autism, but through intensive floor time with her, I have gotten her back...except now I live in the world of Autism WITH her. I don't fight her autistic behaviours, I let her be herself. If she needs to yell "super super guppie" to the top of her lungs in the grocery store... I LET HER and I even join in. When she toe walks and flaps her arms in excitement, I join her and laugh the day away. She has been speaking spontaneously for a year this July...she'll be four. People (children mainly) call her retarded or make fun of her or bully her, and it makes my heart sad. Not especially sad for her, but for the world we live in where children aren't accepting and nice of others different from them.

I am getting a tshirt that says, "My daughter has Autism, what the HELL is your child's problem" b/c believe it or not, my autistic princess is NOT the loudest child in the store... NOT the child who can't follow directions. She knows her numbers to 20, to 10 in Spanish, ALL of her ABCs, ALL of her phonics, she recognizes her name on paper, rides horses, plays the piano, plays the guitar, harmonica, paints, draws and has a great sense of humor. She puts on circus shows for her dad and I and is an all around super happy, super hilarious child.

So NO I didn't think I signed on for raising a daughter with a lifelong disability, nor did I think my world would be turned upside down has it has been, but nevertheless, I am SO grateful for Autism. For all the many wonderful lessons that it has taught me about and trust. I am forever changed and grateful for it. I will cherish every moment with her and I am SO PROUD as a mommie when I ask her, "Kennedy do you have Autism?" And she says, "Yes I love Autism".

So this month...take time to learn about this neurological disability that is affecting our children and remember they are not non-persons. They are not in a race to compete with neurotypical kids... they are them...they are unique... they are special... they are autistic and THAT'S ALRIGHT WITH ME!!!!

Oh yea,.... I am so ill right now. Cold/Flu like symptoms. I am letting go of a ton of stuff and it brought a zillion things to the surface. I have been around a ton of germy little kiddies and that hasn't' helped. I am taking care of myself and intend to be better soon.


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