Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving THROUGH it all

Ahhh... life is so amazing. JUST when you think you are falling flat on your face and are at rock's bottom.... you fall down even farther! You thought I was going to say, "you get up" huh?? Hahaha

Life is taking me on some twists and turns and my personal life it taking a beating right now, but I am hanging in there with my head held high.... my heart intact.... taking one day..one moment at a time. Instead of pointing fingers and blaming others, I am realizing how decisions before now, led me to where I am. How I created this vision of my reality. WOW that is such a powerful message.

I have been contemplating eating cooked food. There is no real draw to it...no real desire for it, but I am not being the healthiest raw vegan. Anyone who is 100% raw and financially challenged knows what I mean. I love to hear raw foodist say, "I am 100% raw except when I'm not" . We get so wrapped up into "perfection" and the "right" way to do things, that we forget to just b-e. I am not sure if I will take the walk down the "other" side yet, I am waiting for my spirit to guide me toward what is right.

Just wanted to check in a bit ....I will be back


Rediscover Raw Food said...

Regardless of what anyone says, Raw on a tight budget is NOT easy. I'm sure you'll make the best decision for yourself and your family. Raw is wonderful, but there is more to life. Here's hoping life brings you the finances to choose your diet without $ constraints!

Raw Faith said...

Don't focus on raw labels and being "100% raw" because most people who are 100% raw, aren't healthy. You are better off having some cooked food once and awhile then eating a pound of dense raw foods everyday!

you know your body better than anyone else... so do what you think is best for YOU and dont worry about anyone else.

I emailed you back <3

love you

myrawlife said...

I totally understand where you are coming from. I too have been going through these feelings of guilt for not being a "purist" with raw food. But then I thought about it for a while and realized, I am still all for raw food, and my diet consists of at least 75-95% raw every day. As long as you're making the best choices possible for yourself as much as possible, who cares about being a purest. Don't feel guilty, and don't feel like you are not committed to better health through raw foods - cause you are. And you do a great job doing so. Raw Faith said it best, "you know your body better than anyone else... so do what you think is best for YOU and dont worry about anyone else." I wish you all the best! Keep blogging, I enjoy reading them so much! :)

RawCaribe├▒a said...

Maybe the book by Natalia Rose, Raw Food Life Force, will help you. I consider her a raw foodist even though she doesn't solely espouse 100% if one cannot follow it. All the best.

Kristen's Raw said...

I love being High Raw...I feel amazing, balanced, flexible, and happy. Nothing wrong with that. Some people think that eating a low-fat cooked vegan is better than high-fat Raw all the time. High-fat Raw has its time and place no doubt...but low-fat cooked vegan does, too, at least for me :)

Cheers!!! and such HUGE HUGS to you, love!!!


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