Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Love and Change

A time for renewal...

What have I been up to? I have been sprouting... dehydrating flax/corn crackers, pizza crusts, onion bread (done with it for now) and getting back into loving raw.

EVERYTIME I think about going back to cooked food, I find a way to re-fall in love with my raw diet. WE are all NOT the same and therefore our diets...raw or otherwise will likely be different. I gained a bit of weight ... about 4#. Hadn't been to the gym in months trying to get into my PhD program. Well, I am so proud to say that my glutes are sore and the pounds are ready to melt away!

I was eating far too many nuts and dried fruits as a way to "hold me over". Truth is, I realized that whenEVER I gravitate towards dried fruits and tons of nuts, I am unhappy in my life. I like to "stuff" my feelings down and heavy things like nuts and dried fruits will do the trick. So imagine... I was NOT doing any exercise of any kind, eating about 2 pounds of nuts and 1 pound of dried fruit a day... starting to feel miserable.. sad...depressed... lonely. Began entertaining thoughts of how "simple" life was when I ate cooked food and then it hit me like a bag of organic corn! DUH.... I decided in one instant that I had enough. That I was sick of feeling pathetic and decided to get some herbs for it and began taking them right away.

I have been fleeting with my yoga practice b/c strength training takes precedence over EVERY kind of exercise in my life, but decided to resurrect my love for yoga by starting slowly and steadily. Oh Goddess what a ride I have been on with it. Just like my raw lifestyle, I fell into it and it is glorious and wonderful and perfect. I have tonssssss of work to do, but am ready for the challenge.

I am back FINALLY this week, to my weights... ahhhhhhhhhhh those glorious iron pills (free weights) make a world of a difference in my life.

Gotta run b/c I have to be up in about 6 hours and I am already exhausted.

Here is my POA:

*strength train 4xs a week

*Yoga 5-7xs a week

*Abs 3xs a week

Food wise, I am on track with feeling GREAT on lots of fruits right now. It is finally really warm on the East Coast and I am enjoying it tremendously. Glorious tomatoes, avocado boats, fresh pineapple, greens...yum! I LOVE this diet!!!!!

I have re-begun to keep my food journal, will throw a few days of food out here tomorrow.


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