Thursday, June 19, 2008

Being Raw does NOT erase food Addiction

Day in the Life

Kay at therapy swinging the morning away!

Green smoothie topped with Strawberries
Close up of green goodness

People keep asking me if I will date and I say, "Date? I'm already
having a love affair with greens!"
Hungry Yet?

Get Ready, Get Set, GO!
Yesterday I made an awesome smoothie/pudding. I say smoothie/pudding because it was too thick to be a smoothie and too thin to be a pudding. I can't remember where I found the recipe, , but it was amazing. 1/2 cucumber, 1/2 avocado, juice of a lime, hempseeds, ice, coconut meat and coconut water. I felt sooooo alive when I ate it!

I am NOT used to having all these kids and noise in my house. I am taking measure to get used to it. My daughter (Autism and all) is very peaceful by nature..very quiet. These kids are kinda loud and a bit out of control. My peaceful house + thier loud out of control nature= LOTS of yoga and "falling still".

My lovely friend Britanie is having a hard time right now with food issues and I am SO familiar with it all. I'm mentioning it b/c I know there are a lot of people suffering from food addictions and don't know where to turn. They think raw food is the ANSWER...but truth is, it is only a PART of the answer. We have to do the real work if we want the food cravings/addictions to go away. I am not trying to pretend to be a specialist, but I do speak from experience. Long, hard experience. This raw journey has taken me on a physical transformation that I never could have dreamed of. I have done raw EVERY kind of way. Seriously. High fat raw, gourmet raw, 80-10-10, juicing mostly, smoothies mostly...all of it. Truth is, I vary week to week, day to day. No one knows the exact right way that YOU should eat to nourish your body. Sometimes saying 100% raw is supposed to mean: better, superior, stronger, more willed. It does NOT. It all depends are where you want to be. There are some EXTREMELY healthy high-raw cooked eaters. And some not-so-healthy 100% raw food eaters.

I do however know that you CAN gain weight on raw food. I have done it. YES I HAVE. There have been times when a pound of nuts and 5 bananas seemed like a good idea. Well, three days in a row = fat on my ass. Bloat...constipation...and aggrevation. My point is that the best advice I can give someone on this raw journey is to be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself when you "fall off the wagon". Be as raw as you can be for the phase you are in in your life. Take it slowly. It took years to get to where you will take time to change those habits. ease into it all. I promise you, it will happen.

So I leave you with these thoughts: Take a few minutes today to ask yourself why you want to be raw (whether you are or aren't)...envision yourself with the life and body you want and start tiny steps towards making it a reality.


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