Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bill of Rights Part II

I'm continuing my EMPOWERED womyn GODDESS flow from yesterday. So, my little cousin (12) arrived today at 11pm from Texas. Oh will this be an interesting summer. But I am looking to learn from her. She knows NOTHING about raw food, or healthy food for that matter. She curious about yoga and using the dehydrator, but does admit it's a bit "weird". I told her, "I LOVE being weird."
I have been doing a lot of thinking (I know in my spare time) about rights. How fundamentally basic they are, and yet how we don't often think about them. Okay, sure G.W. has most of our country in fear of one thing or another and the WAR in Iraq was used as a smokescreen for something bigger under the guise that our RIGHTS and liberties were at stake. Well let me tell, we have rights that we all take for granted everyday. I have chosen to make a list of empowering, life-affirming rights. Feel free to type them up; copy & paste em; laminate em and carry em in your wallet.

Jayna's Bill of Rights...

I have a right to put myself first.
I have a right to say "No."
I have a right to time alone even when others want my company.
I have a right to to disagree with what others say.
I have right to define who I am even if others disagree
I have a right to change my mind.

SO much of what we do and how we live comes from how we feel about ourselves. We can all assess our current life status and see how it is a direct reflection of what you think about yourself, your life, your worth. I know the power of this realization. I used to be an overweight, unhealthy, sad little person. Now I am a gorgeous, healthy, thriving, ecstatic superbeing. ALL with the change of my mind.

Now I know that people come here for raw food ideas and recipes and I promise to get back to it, but I know how important this part of the process is. We needn't skip over the real work that is to be done when transitioning or living this raw lifestyle.

Well, As far as raw food goes... I mentioned that I threw all the nuts OUT... today was awesome. I didn't think about food much just ate as I was hungry, what I felt like eating. I think I had a huge fruit salad... a smoothie....few bananas...avocado/tomato/raw pickle dish...lots and lots of love in my food!

Monday I am back in the kitchen making corn/flax crackers; raw banana bread; and onion bread. I like to make a TON of stuff at once and store it b/c truth be told, I don't like the big mess that my gourmet raw makes!! I seriously want to make the cesar salad dressing from Raw Food Real World. I know I know I am so lazy not hyperlinking anything!!! Well, part of what kept me from blogging for so long was that I felt like it was becoming a chore a little bit and if I couldn't devote like 45 mins, then I wouldn't do it at all. Well, I would rather keep it simple and blog more rather than only blogging once a month.

Well, tomorrow I have a few plans with the kids and then my older cousin flys back to TX and my little cousin stays... I have full intentions on taking the hottest bubble bath ever when they go to bed tomorrow!!!


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