Monday, June 16, 2008

Hidden Lessons and Salad Oh yea!

Today I had the most massive salad EVER..

Huge head of red leaf organic lettuce
2 tomatoes
1 huge cucumber
raw pickles
1.5 avocados
red onion
lemon juice

yum yum yum

Drank 2 quarts of green smoothie.. NOT enough water though. The kids are here for the summer and it is Stress City. I had them doing yoga today. They loved it. My little cousin that's here is 12 years old. I talked with her today about how fortunate she is to have me. Wait wait.. I mean to be able to get a different perspective on life. When I was her age in New Orleans, all I knew is what everyone else knew. Mardi Gras, Popeye's chicken, Snowballs, Beignets.... junk food. I didn't know the word yoga until I went to college. I just told her wherever there is ANYTHING she wants to take away..take it, leave the rest. In that "lesson" I gave her..I learned so much. So I took a "lesson" away: We learn in teaching others.

She has gotten a notebook to write all her recipes down in. We did yoga together today.. just 10 mins and had her first green smoothie which she loved. Her mom was here for a day and she was able to get REALLY excited about raw foods and my entire lifestyle. She took notes and I could see it in her eyes that something clicked. So my prayer is that she walk away from this experience enriched, more aware and forever changed. I'm looking to learn, grow and change as well.

Oh and it felt great not to think about food much, to just eat as necessary and with the nuts GONE... I can focus. Those with food issues know EXACTLY what i mean by that. Tomorrow will be as easy a raw day as any. Lots of business to take care of tomorrow. And I HAVE to catch up on my sleep.

Well, I'm off to slumberland. I have to be up in 4 hours.. I know I know... NOT conducive to my new "sleep more" plan, but I'm working on it.


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