Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lil Wayne and Cheezecake

I was soooooooo excited to see Wayne perform just now on the BET closing of the awards. His brother who is here for the summer sat sleepy eyed watching him perform while nodding his head up and down to the music.

Ok...this picture isn't of the cheezecake that I made, but as you will read later... I was being very lazy today and just didn't wanna get the camera. After you see this photo, you will laugh at the one I post of my cheezecake tomorrow!

I made a strawberry cheeszcake today and sorry to say I didn't take any photos. I was just being lazy and didn't wanna come up the steps to get the camera. But it came out SO good. I sort of sampled it... well I always make extra basic cheesecake filling and covered it with fruit and had a picnic...it was so good. My nephew was licking the bowl.

Today was one of those long, hot days where nothing seems to get done. I am going to finish drying my hair and get things ready for Kay's OT tomorrow morning 15 miles away!

Hope everyone had a rawiffic day!


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